2019 IFPA Heads-Up Pinball Championship - Game/Challenge list


Tough to argue with The One . . . challenge list updated for Maiden:


  1. Complete Power Feature (player chooses which feature)
  2. Activate 2X or 3X Playfield Multiplier (player choice)
  3. Start Mummy Multiball
  4. Start Tropper Multiball
  5. Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


For the sake of clarity, is that cash in the jackpot (i.e. insert is solid) or jackpot ready (countdown on display at 0)?


Tentatively scheduled for “jackpot ready” . . .

If we force a player to collect a Power Jackpot on that feature, and they drain before they do it, they’re in jail and can’t complete the challenge without restarting.


Maiden start mode of player’s choice is hilarious & awesome. Some of you tournament guys could suck the fun out of a block party.


Hilarious challenge concepts are great for dollar games and casual games with pals. I like them less at tournaments with travel costs, entry fees and a significant prize is on the line. Guess I’m no fun :man_shrugging:


Story checks out.


Will update Trooper Multiball to Tropper Multiball in the next update for sake of clarity as well :wink:



I actually thought starting a chosen mode was a great challenge, and if people think it’s too luck based they don’t have to choose it… it’s best 2/3 three strike for goodness sakes


I don’t agree with the “best 2/3” justification for a heavily random goal. The players most likely to pick this are the players who don’t think they can win, but then might anyway. It’s the El Toro of goals.


It was a backdoor into another 2-minute challenge, IMO.


Exactly! The other 99% of us need a little luck here and there to have any chance. That said, I’m guessing exactly zero people signed up for this tourney would choose it anyway.

May as well deactivate the pop bumpers & slingshots too. Wouldn’t want a top shelf player to be eliminated by an unlucky bounce.


I think it would get chosen frequently – but we’ll never know now!

Not sure why you would object to wanting these goals to be “mostly skill” and not “mostly luck”. There is already an increase in luck and randomness by the nature of the speed in this event.

  1. Because I’m never paying to play in a small field tourney against mostly circuit finalists unless the skill/luck ratio is dialed down. Modern Sterns in particular have ramped up the skill factor so high that it’s frankly boring to get wrecked by an A-list player on something like BM66.
  2. Since I’m watching instead of playing, I demand maximum entertainment. Dance, monkey, dance! (j/k, sorta)
  3. Don’t worry, the best player(s) will still win just about every time.

One of the biggest reasons Pinburgh is the most popular tourney in the world (by head count and wait list) is the random draw of pins from a variety of different eras, one game each with no warmup. The further pinball moves toward a Sternament full of killers, the less it will grow (in my opinion, of course).


To be fair, the tension behind some of the more chance-y objectives leads to some really good, high quality entertainment. I’d definitely watch a struggle bus of mode starting, or something completely open ended (race to a 3 SJP collect on Munsters?).


Like @kdeangelo said, the Maiden player chooses mode probably wouldn’t work anyway. Aren’t all challenges limited to two minutes regardless of outcome?


“If a Challenge hasn’t been completed by either player in 5 minutes, the match will be stopped. The Challenge will then be adjusted to “Two Minute Drill” to ensure we keep on schedule.”


So technically “5 minute drill”?


Two Minute Drill is the ‘tiebreaker’ challenge. So it’s a fresh 2 minutes after the failed 5 minutes.


any videos to me made?