2017-2018 PAPA Circuit Events


(Note: This is all just fun discussion with no impact at all on future Circuits, because the 17-18 PAPA Circuit points distribution are what they are, and it’s going away once it morphs into the Stern Circuit. )

Thanks for the feedback. I understand now how the team made the decision. Under the premise of “major” being any of the IFPA-defined Majors (IFPA, PAPA, Pinburgh, EPC), I completely agree! And I’d suggest these Major 10th’s are even more than twice the difficulty of a non-Major 10th.

But for those “majors” based on survey results, I’d argue that twice as difficult isn’t as convincing.

One further question to fulfill my curiosity: why only 50% more for 1st then?


We have still yet to see how much these “survey majors” will be affected by the drastic change in circuit points awarded. My gut feeling is that it won’t be enough of an attendance increase to make the event comparable to one of the four ifpa majors, but I don’t think a true balance of points awarded was the goal…that’s what wpprs are for.


Similar logic. Winning a major is more difficult but is it twice as difficult? Also the potential for runaway points is there at 1st, while doubling at 10th has less impact on the overall standings.


I kind of thought the same though now being a Major may attract more top players for the additional points actually making the tourney harder? :slight_smile:


Why does it seem to take the PAPA website so long to update the circuit standings after an event is complete? Bat City was almost one month ago and the standings have not been updated. I know Pinburgh is looming but it’s frustrating to see no updates.


Um… because they might be just a WEE bit occupied with coordinating a certain upcoming show/tourney.


Um… OK.


@BMU is the interim updater


Next year we can blame @pinwizj or just blame him now. :smiley:


Next year you can blame the TD cause we’ll have the custom ranking fully set up ahead of time.



Updated UNofficial Circuit Standings. No WPPR update yet, so I omitted that column here.

Colin jumps into 2nd overall - - no surprise given his victory. Snailman Rocks!

Josh, Keith and Cayle obviously made big moves upward, Keith jumping into the cut from 41st place. Adam McKinnie and Tim Street made good moves, too.

The cut line rose from 58 to 67 points.

Also moving into the top 40 from outside are Dave Stewart, Alexsander Kaczmarczyk, Raymond, Andrei, Luke Nahorniak and Jim Belsito


As a newer player to competitive pinball and different tournaments, can someone point me in the direction to what the significance is of a PAPA circuit event and what that means exactly? Or what all these points are going for?




Sidebar: I estimate that Cayle will dethrone Zach as IFPA #1 once Pinburgh is posted. By around 10 points maybe?

I believe that Cayle is the first player to make the final four at three majors in the same year: he was #3 at PAPA, #2 at IFPA, and #4 at Pinburgh, all this year. Awesome! Go for a full set and #1 at EPC?


btw, do we know where and when the Circuit finals for this year will be happening?


We do not.


Safe to say that wherever it is held it won’t be where people were expecting. I look forward to the opportunity to try to get there over the next couple months. :airplane::grin:




This include an appearance at Flippers? :smiley:


If this is true, I move that, henceforth, all shall refer to you as Kinga Forrester.