2017-2018 PAPA Circuit Events

2017-2018 PAPA Circuit Events

Once again, this year we made the decision to let the players through an online survey determine which events made it onto the Circuit calendar for 2017-2018 season. The events that have secured a spot on the 2017-2018 Circuit Calendar so far are:

24 Hour Final Battle (Major)
Buffalo Pinball Open (Major)
City Champ (Major)
Dutch Pinball Masters
IFPA Pin-Masters
It Never Drains in Southern California (Major)
Louisville Arcade Expo
OBX Flippers (Major)
PAPA 20 World Pinball Championships (Major)
Pinball at the Zoo
Pinburgh Match Play Championship (Major)
Pittsburgh Pinball Open (Major)
Silverball Showdown

The events that did not qualify for Circuit inclusion through the survey that were on last year’s Circuit schedule will be added into the voting process, which will begin next week.

Nominations for new Circuit events for the 2017-2018 schedule will go live on PAPA.org in the coming days.


Woohoo!! Thanks everyone for supporting us at The Sanctum and making us a Major! Can’t wait for next year. See you daylights savings weekend again!


Is the Louisville circuit event the one happening in March of 2017, or 2018? Presuming 2017.

should be the first event of the 2017 season


Let the praises and complaints reign down, eh Doug? I know how hard this is to try to do it in a fair way. I was quite surprised to see 3 majors all in Pittsburgh and 2 more in California. Also surprised IFPA Pinmasters is not a major. I do know first hand how you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Please don’t take this as criticism, just an observation. Looking forward to a great circuit season 2017-2018!

Thanks to the 40 people who didn’t reply to PAPA’s email… I know my metrics grew year to year and those people not replying directly cost me.

I was 3rd in overall players and 4th with the most IFPA Players but 13th in replies… so thanks.


Norcal and Socal are so far away from eachother and different they might as well be different states.

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Step 1 - Email me and request the same player emails that Doug asks me for.

Step 2 - Send an email in advance of Doug’s to your players explaining how important the feedback of this Circuit Survey is going to be. Explain the benefits of what the players will get if the tournament is able to be on the PAPA Circuit. Maybe even offer every 3 free entries for next year’s event if they rate the survey with 5’s across the board.

Step 3 - Profit


“Step 3 - Profit” HAHA

I needed that thanks man.

Still grateful to be on the circuit and will work those phones and viewers next time reminding them to TAKE THOSE SURVEYS!..

I’ll have a cool announcement about Pinvasion coming up soon! IT’S TIME! EXCITED


I was flying to State Championships in NorCal before I had to drop out.

Thank you for getting the circuit events out so quickly after the last survey closed. This helps greatly in planning for far away events. Speaking of which, does anybody have any info on the tournament at the Louisville Arcade Expo? All I’ve seen so far are dates. I can’t find any info on the tournament format, entry price, qualifying dates/times, finals, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

shamelessly taking note

@pinwizj Don’t ‘Superleague’ my vote!

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Be careful or FLR will get 4 different Super League months on the Circuit :wink:


It’s a best game format event.

Nominations for the 2017-2018 PAPA Circuit are live.

Fill out the application for your tournament at the link below. Nominations close on 2/8.


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Congratulations to the 15 events that are already on the circuit!

From being a Tournament Director myself for smaller non-circuit events and being a participant in some Circuit Events I know it is a massive amount of work to run these Circuit Events and you guys should be commended!

My only suggestion is with this being the inaugural year of “majors” it would be nice to see a slight increase in the amount of events classified as majors. This could even be a simple increase of 8 to 10?

Thank you to PAPA for organizing the circuit and thank you to you Tournament Directors!


How will the $5 per person fee work at Magfest? I thought all activities within the festival had to be free.

I’m just guessing Kevin will need to try and find a sponsor or someway to offset the $5 per person. Plenty of ways to make that work :slight_smile:


In reference to the $5 fee. Why is it per player and not a flat mount per event?

Struck me a bit strange - when the added value of being “on circuit” doesn’t change with player count , yet the cost on the event and players does.