ZMac GotG game - when and where

Help my brain, if you could. The stream where ZMac half completes all the GotG modes to get to the wizard mode, can anyone tell me what stream that was? My gut says it was at D82 or IFPA worlds this year, but I have slept since I saw it.

Don’t know about that one, but here’s Escher doing it for 18 bil at EPC:


Don’t know if any of mine are streamed, definitely check out Escher’s run with the strat at EPC linked above for a master class in how to perform it.

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Here’s the first time that Escher applied the Z-Mac strat on stream:

But it happened in the last half hour of a 13 hour stream, lol, and we join when Escher only has one more ball to play, so we don’t get to see the “set up”, but @raydaypinball’s 1 bil (and cherry bomb lit on ball 2) to 500 mil lead sure seemed solid at the time…

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It was a pleasure to get to commentate that Immolation clinic.

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Thanks for all the help, everybody. It’s a really efficient per flip strategy!