Zaccaria Pinball on Steam

Noticed that the game launched a day earlier than I expected! A great set of tables to have fun with–with incredibly dialed spinners, too! (Where applicable)

Gold bundle, which includes everything, is $40–that’s 50% off of everything normal price! (Find it in the Bronze DLC.)

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I noticed this was up earlier today… eager to hear any impressions and comparisons to the iOS version. Hopefully someone’ll come up with table settings that make it behave as close to actual pinball as we’ve seen on things that aren’t pinball machines.

Actually, Zaccaria is an actual pinball manufacturer. Time Machine is free.

Not really about the Steam game, but: Zaccaria couldn’t possibly have been the third largest pinball manufacturer, could they? Gottlieb immediately springs to mind as a better candidate… but even SS-era Stern seems like a larger manufacturer… depending, of course, on one’s definition of “largest”. (Number of distinct titles? Number of units produced?)

The blurb says “was”, which makes me wonder if their definition was limited to a certain year or something. Anyways, I haven’t bought any yet but I gave most of them a free spin and I’m glad they’re all as goofy and psychedelic as the handful I’ve played IRL. These tables seem entirely fitting to come from the same country that gave us the giallo film genre.

Good to see this hitting Steam. I hope the physics are improved over the iOS version.

Oh I know (I’m still craving a Pinball Champ to add to my collection), was just saying I hope it has the most accurate physics of any virtual pinball software yet. TPA is still woefully behind in that regard, as is Zen. Zaccaria is the best on iOS, just hoping it translates even better to PC.

Oh man… I could write an encyclopedia length rant on how woefully behind TPA physics are. Don’t get me started…

Was experimenting with flipper techniques on this game, and HOLY CRAP, I CAN TAP PASS! (Incredibly hard though; keyboard is not like the real thing. But it works…sometimes :wink: )

Meanwhile, TPA seems to be going backwards. At least with the UI. And the updated physics since Xenon that were promised for all tables retroactively are yet to be applied.

Maybe you should write a review for TPA on it’s Steam page or something, PW :wink: