Yellow Cards, behavior and penalties


Hey y’all. Moderator post here. I’ve just done some cleaning up of this thread with the intent of keeping things on topic and not too spicy. I encourage continued respectful debate surrounding the details of the topic at hand, but if we wander off track again this thread may have run its course. Thanks!


Too much room for problems there. What about when someone lets the group know they have to take a phone call or go to the restroom, etc? I like the idea in theory, but could see it going awry pretty easily.


I think in the end, operators/TD’s/venues set what they consider acceptable, and if you think it’s too “soft” as a player, then you just don’t play there.

Same goes the other way - if there’s a tournament in a biker bar or something and no one running the event has a problem with foul or raunchy language, then you would just not play there if that wasn’t your cup of tea.

Communicating up front what is or isn’t allowed will go a long way towards teaching players what they can or can’t do, or informing prospective players about the environment they may be coming to.


Dude, again, I’m sorry!!


Sorry Dave, that’s not being inclusive. You much embrace everyone’s beliefs or you are holding pinball back from being what it could be…


I understand issuing yellow cards for all of the behaviors mentioned thus far and I am looking forward to having them be enforced at our local league.

That being said, if anyone decides to not issue me a yellow card but rather opts to yell across the room at me. Me and that person will have issues that go beyond the realm of pinball. Please refrain from yelling at people. Players or otherwise. Yelling at machines is bad, yelling at people is worse. I’ve been on both ends, and it is far more damaging than any outburst directed at a machine.

Want people to be gentle with machines? Good thing there’s already been a device invented to keep track of excessive movement. If a game doesn’t have one set up properly, it’s not as if the TD acts as a stand in. This of course excludes death saves, bang backs, and rage tilting after a ball is gone. If the ball is in play, the machine decides what is or isn’t excessive, nothing else (if you’re in a public location).


Better chance than you think - when glass gets broken, a lot of people don’t know to order tempered to replace it and wound up getting a sheet of plate glass instead. I think Vince (Thekorn) broke a sheet of plate glass on his STTNG somebody prior had installed just by leaning on the lockbar…


well, on the positive side, cleaning up broken plate glass is a heck of a lot easier than cleaning up broken tempered!


Also a hell of a lot more dangerous.

Also are we really taking about banning words here? Unless there is an actual list of words I can’t see that the rule could ever be enforceable.


Yes, the list comes from George Carlin!


The message boards of yore used to have a setting for automatically erasing/replacing banned words. Not sure if this setting is available on Discourse. But yeah, you’d add Carlin’s list, and they’d be filtered out without the administrators having to sweat over it.


I still refer to WPPRs as “boints” because ye olde Portland pinball message board banned “points” at some …point.


Yes!! That was an excellent use of that filter. Too much talk about points!

I hope you learned something from my reckless moderation methods.


I’m guessing if the following was done properly (watch both videos), a yellow card would not be called for. Either way, now that it’s on youtube, heads up to TD’s for seeing this at an event soon.



Oh boy.


Sorry. What’s the point of posting these videos?


Mostly as a heads up to TD’s that they may see players banging on games in a new way soon, but also wondering if someone might yellow or red card the banging.

The second video shows that it doesn’t take much banging (palm of the hand) and it appears that it really does work. I kinda get physics, but it would be awesome if someone else could confirm that this actually works. Dude calling the tilt bob the ‘bobber’ doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. if indeed it works, I might do this at league if someone rage tilts in front of me. Hate waiting around forever for a tilt to settle.


I don’t see the difference between that video and letting the tilt bob settle naturally. Also, if TDs know a game has a bob that won’t settle like that, I’d hope they would do an ear plug or something so we’re not waiting on the bob to settle all tournament.


I was skeptical of the ear plug thing, but having seen it in practice at NWPAS and a few smaller events it seems to work. It cuts down on BS tilts or at least reduces complaints about them. It might benefit me more than some players as I feel like I often tilt via ten relatively small moves rather than one huge one.


For those not familiar with the ear plug thing, here’s a link to the post with @soren’s comprehensive video: Ear Plug Tilt Hack

(If you want to jump to the part about the modification, it starts at 9:45. Linked directly below, but the whole video is worth watching!)