Yellow Cards, behavior and penalties

Oh boy.

Sorry. What’s the point of posting these videos?

Mostly as a heads up to TD’s that they may see players banging on games in a new way soon, but also wondering if someone might yellow or red card the banging.

The second video shows that it doesn’t take much banging (palm of the hand) and it appears that it really does work. I kinda get physics, but it would be awesome if someone else could confirm that this actually works. Dude calling the tilt bob the ‘bobber’ doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. if indeed it works, I might do this at league if someone rage tilts in front of me. Hate waiting around forever for a tilt to settle.

I don’t see the difference between that video and letting the tilt bob settle naturally. Also, if TDs know a game has a bob that won’t settle like that, I’d hope they would do an ear plug or something so we’re not waiting on the bob to settle all tournament.

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I was skeptical of the ear plug thing, but having seen it in practice at NWPAS and a few smaller events it seems to work. It cuts down on BS tilts or at least reduces complaints about them. It might benefit me more than some players as I feel like I often tilt via ten relatively small moves rather than one huge one.


For those not familiar with the ear plug thing, here’s a link to the post with @soren’s comprehensive video: Ear Plug Tilt Hack

(If you want to jump to the part about the modification, it starts at 9:45. Linked directly below, but the whole video is worth watching!)


In the first video, the tilt bob didn’t settle for over a minute when left alone. With the banging, it settled in 15 seconds or so. Not all TD’s have the keys to games. Even if you have the keys, if your league plays in public locations, it’s not likely the ear plugs will be installed, then removed a couple hours later when league is done.

Why would you ever remove the ear plug? Take two seconds and stays forever.

I have no issue with the player doing this to help settle the bob.

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Just curious - if anyone did have a problem with it in a competitive setting, would a distraction claim be ok, similar to the ones that have been made against headlamps?

Not sure how it is elsewhere, but ops handing over keys to league members is a new thing around here. Still rare. When the keys are handed over, the intention is to only retrieve stuck balls and minor stuff like that. Don’t even change the volume. I suppose we could ask ops to install the ear plugs. Do location games in your area have ear plugs installed full time?

I would have to deal with it should lots of people complain about it, but I’d be using ear plugs on all games I deem necessary so I doubt it would get to that point.

Yes. Ear plugs full time should we deem it necessary.

In theory, you should be able to put in an earplug and then tighten the tilt a little. Then the game has the same sensititivity to tilts on a given move, but it eliminates the cheap ones that happen 30 or 60 seconds later due to excessive swinging.

A big move on my local TNA could give you one danger right away, and then another one or two 60 seconds later…usually when your opponent was well into their ball. No reason to ever have a game set up like that. Installed an earplug in five seconds and the problem is gone.


I’ve got earplugs in my Bally/Williams games. It seems to help a lot. The Stern tilt mech doesn’t seem to need it.

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The IFPA world championship episode of how the game is played is now available online.

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Somehow they managed to do a piece without Pinball Wizard in the background or mentioning that the game was once outlawed!


I told them not to :smiley:


Wasn’t that the one at his house?

Yeah, that was pretty disappointing.

Part of me wishes there were some sort of consequence to receiving a yellow card. A big part of this game is knowing how to push boundaries up to the point of receiving warnings, then backing off before there are consequences. Our culture rewards and celebrates those who receive a double warning without tilting, so it seems like a yellow card with no consequences might encourage folks to push social boundaries.


Well, there is… the next one is an ejection. But I think you are talking about grander scale…

If you want to work ‘cumulative effects’ into the system… have TD’s report yellow cards in the results of events and have them tracked on player profiles. Then histories will be available, and TDs can make their own decisions on players they may or may not want at their events. This enables TDs, creates a mirror for people to reflect in, and acts as a bit of a public discouragement… without messing with IFPA trying to ‘ban people’