X-Men V1.51 rulesheet or tutorial anywhere?

I’m picking up an X-Men Pro this weekend, and I haven’t been able to find a rulesheet or tutorial for this game. What’s up with that, Internet?

Anyone know of anything approaching definitive for the latest version of the game code from Feb 2014? Or, does anyone know a professional pinball player who records tutorials that I can ask to record one for this game? :smile:


yes, a rulesheet is over here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RXQg7NEYahyzLrrT-E3WXAmhKNtT-eVfqc5GEWZdHL0/edit#heading=h.gca79vh2ek4



I should have known not to challenge the internet.

Seriously, though, this is perfect. Thanks!

If you wrote this, what about adding it to pinball.org or wherever these things usually live?

I added a bunch of detail to it. I didn’t touch the strategy section. Not sure how many contributors there were to it. It is not my project or effort though, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be.

If you want to see a good video of game/tourney play check out the Pinball Expo Chicago footage from a few years back. Kme put a clinic on the Shadow King mode back when no one knew what the modes other than Sentinels really did. http://papa.org/learning-center/video-resources/competition-videos/. Starts around 15:00

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I did a lot of work on that rulesheet, too (the Professor X table, among other things, are mine). The original idea was to submit it to PAPA to be published once it was done. Maybe I’ll check back in on it and see if we can’t make that happen.

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One minor correction to the rulesheet linked: isn’t the front-door lock available if lock is lit and no balls are in the lock (for whatever reason) even if the light isn’t flashing? I thought this was a graphical bug in the game.

I think that’s true only if virtual locks are enabled, which is not a software default but is a recommended tournament setting. But with one small clarification to what you wrote…

front-door lock available if orbit and loops locks are lit and no balls are in the lock (for whatever reason) even if the light isn’t flashing