WPPR v5.8 sneak peek

We’ve made the decision not to change the format of the biigest and longest running comp in the UK - the UK League. Despite the winner having to play, on average, over 40 games; over 250 players entering it won’t be worth a single WPPR for the vast majority now, and virtually nothing for the finalists - such a shame, but its not all about WPPRs.

If people chose a format that their players liked, and stuck to it, there wouldn’t be the constant arms race between the IFPA and TDs trying to find loop holes to max out pts.

For those of us who don’t know. Can you please tell us about your format? How is it that 40 games played can be worth virtually no WPPR’s?

Sorry ignore my previous post - It’s a regional league which runs different formats to qualify (!) - in the london league we play 20 games that count - 4/6 meetings (4 balls!) for qualifying best game format; but other regions play more/less and then there are finals for the top with qualifiers of each league region both A and B. The qualifying positions are aligned to the region’s size.

The finals are best game across 6 games with top 6 qualifying and a single game played semi and final. (www.pinballleague.Uk)

The issue I guess one issue is that (from memory) the number of players who attend each league meeting is widely variable and you can’t count folks who just turned up once (which in my view is 100% correct).

If I was to win the UK league I’d have played 28 games (plus ten not counting because of 4/6). Finals games selected by the winners of each league region and then pre-selected ahead of the event for the semi and final.


So the issue here is what? Everything you’ve brought up sounds right.

The biggest point, that hasn’t been mentioned, and has been in place since v5.7 is… you can no longer aggregate all those players (for # of players in the league) in a multi-site league that has finalists from each site play in one unified grand finals. That already got nerfed. Sadly.
You can still run that type of league, but have to count each site’s qualifying play as its own event, and the grand finals as its own event (like a series/circuit final).

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How is it that the August’22 UK league finals event included nearly 120 players, when only 24 players qualified for it and played in it?


one out of the 6 (?) leagues had their first meeting in November 21, so still 5.6 rules


I thought the version used was based on end date, not start date (except for the COVID delayexceptions)

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Per the WPPR v5.7 release notes:

“Any tournaments or leagues already sanctioned for play with a starting date in January 2022 will be grandfathered in under the old rules. Any tournaments or leagues that begin play in February 2022 will have to follow these new requirements.”

Events get calculated based on the formula in place at the end date, however we don’t “unsanction” events that were already sanctioned based on the rules that were in place when the event started.


So if you scheduled it in that period before Feb, your league with 4 weeks count 2 would be sanctioned because that was fine under 5.6.

But would the players need to attend 2 sessions or 1 session to be included? I guess what isn’t clear to me is whether the player eligibility clauses are part of “Sanctioning” or the WPPR formula? I am assuming sanctioning, but I am not sure.

That would all be under the ‘old rules’.

If we made a change to TGP rules where every game played got 2% instead of 4%, that would be something that would be under the ‘new rules’ for this example.

Got it, so it is really things decided when submitting the results (inputs to what you make Shep implement) vs things in calculation used in the rebuild.