WPPR formula change to v5.4 for 2018!

Least amount of changes to the rules ever! We used up all of our brownie points on the endorsement fee :slight_smile:


And here I was expecting to have to submit events a year in advance and rewrite all format descriptions as haiku.

Thanks Josh!

so you are relaxing the rule for larger tournament, that’s the difference right?

That will be especially good for the larger league were a substantial of the participant being casual and attending between 50 and less than 100% then.

The Cryss Stephens rule? The SUPERleague is gone so we don’t need rule rule?

Pinball Tournament
Hit Silver Ball And Win Big
It’s Not Really Big


Pretty much all of this . . .

There was a decent amount of confusion from even our brightest TD’s about how this rule works. I went back through and actually saw how many players were being removed, and it was typically just a handful of players (<2% in nearly all cases).

With SuperLeague now gone, the open exploit actually swings the other way where top players can intentionally bow out of a tournament they aren’t playing well in as a way to not be included in those results.

With the POWER 100 now being a “meaningful metric” for us, it would be in any player’s best interest to get yourself out of any result where your winning percentage against the top 250 could take a hit. Not quite the Cryss Stephens rule because he didn’t intentionally skip, but there could be 15-20 top 250 players that skip session 10 of Pinburgh intentionally under the right circumstances, and that wouldn’t be cool.


Good choice. And I’m happy I don’t have to explain the % participation details to players and fellow TDs anymore!

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The amount of hours wasted explaining that rule… Good riddance!


So the change in v5.4 is that when I explain the 50% rule to people, I’ll now suddenly be doing so correctly? Excellent.


Except this new rule allows players to do exactly that (bullet #4 in the IFPA North American Championship Series post)
“In addition, tournament directors are welcome to allow players in their event to opt-out of being included in the results submitted to the IFPA. In that case the fee for those players will not need to be paid.”

You are welcome to opt-out of the event before it starts, and only if the TD is allowing that as an option.

For example, as a TD for our monthly event, I won’t allow that as an option and the fees will come from the winners.

A player can’t decide in session #10 of Pinburgh to “opt-out” . . . A) because Pinburgh isn’t offering that as an option, and B) because the tournament would have already started at that point.

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Okay good. Thanks for the clarification. That would be a good thing to add to that rule, regarding it is TD discretion, and should be established before the tournament starts if it is an option. That will help avoid future confusion.

To further clarify, for something like MAGfest where there are no entry fees, I was considering an optional prize pool/fee, where players that paid would be eligible for payouts and would be submitted in IFPA/PAPA results, those that didn’t effectively don’t exist for IFPA/PAPA results. But I thought I saw somewhere you stated that wasn’t allowed. That isn’t actually happening at MAGfest this year, instead we worked it out and they are ponying up the fees (YAY!!!)

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