WPPR Estimator

Typically after submitting my tournament results to the IFPA I was always curious about how many WPPRs the event was going to bring in. On the night of a tournament, or waiting those few days to a week before the results were approved, I’d do a few quick calculations based on the number of Rated players to get a ballpark number of how many points the tournament might be worth.

More recently I had a bit of spare time, and realised using the API for Matchplay and the IFPA could be used to calculate an estimate of a tournaments WPPR points at the time of a tournament! So I present to you the WPPR Estimator!


Note that this will get you a pretty close estimate, but won’t be 100% accurate. It won’t take into account results for players that are pending approval, and all players IFPA ids need to be entered into Matchplay for it to count correctly.

Hopefully it’s useful for someone else too :slight_smile:


All feedback appreciated, also it would be great to get some more feedback on how accurate it is!

Very cool, thanks for sharing! I only tested one event and it was pretty close. The tool estimated 9.7 points for the winner and the actual points awarded were 9.91.

It took a couple of tries for me to arrive at that, though, because initially I entered the number of TGP as opposed to the calculated percentage (i.e., TGP x 4). Maybe you could include a note that it’s the percentage that’s needed?

I also had problems with the Matchplay ID. At first I was using the identifier in the URL as opposed to the ID in the tournament details. Maybe you could direct people where to find the Matchplay ID? It’s not immediately obvious.

Those are minor things, though, and obviously I figured them out! I’ve added this to my bookmarks. :slight_smile:

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@mizary you’ve been replaced. Haha.


Just for clarity, what you initially entered would be “meaningful games played”. TGP is “tournament grade percentage”.


Even the IFPA website uses the terms interchangeably and incorrectly. Also that reference to “TPG” that always bugs me on the submission page. >.<


Very close for my test of it too! Tested a couple - it’s a little lower which is actually better. People always ask me at an event “how much do you think it’ll be worth?!” so this will be fun to be able to have a closer answer but also good that it’ll be lower than reality so the small bump is a nice suprise. I think @JShop is going to enjoy this too :slight_smile:


I found an issue which over-estimates WPPRs.

The WPPR Estimator assumes that all players who played in the event are eligible for WPPR points. However, according to IFPA rules, players who play less than half of (the first round of) the tournament are ineligible for WPPR points.

This is particularly important for best-game formats, such as Herb and Selfie Leagues. For example, at a large expo, it’s possible that many random players put in an entry or two on a Herb qualifier tournament, but have no intention of competing and therefore won’t play enough to get the 50% of games necessary. Those players need to be excluded from the results.

Not sure what the best solution is. The WPPR Estimator could do some sophisticated review of the number of games and which players make the 50% threshold. But it would probably be simpler and quicker to just add a method to include/exclude players from the calculation (like little check-marks next to their name or something) and offer a recalculate button.

I realize that is extra work, though. Thanks for getting it this far already!

Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback!

I’ve updated the site to add some tips around the Matchplay ID and the TGP.

@MayoMan119 - On the Matchplay website, one solution might be to deactivate those people that don’t make the cut? Not sure how you would normally do that to send results through to the IFPA? Would you normally need to manually take those people out of the results?

Thanks for the additions!

I probably should have been more explicit with my first comment, but using the part from the matchplay.live URL as the Matchplay ID doesn’t always work. My vanity URLs include a hyphen and that seems to break the form.

For example, using “opl2019-03” as the Matchplay ID returns nothing, but using “23969” (the ID no. on the Tournament Details page) returns the expected results.

Ah, got it. I originally only used the numeric ID and realised not everyone would find that (and only the TD sees that ID). I then changed that to allow alpha characters to allow people to use the live URL ID, but seems I should have allowed a few more characters to cover vanity URL IDs :wink:

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Site updated to allow hyphens in the IDs!


I’ve had a few people ask whether I can support Series like leagues etc. I don’t see why not, I’ll just need to understand them a bit better!

Does a series when submitted to the IFPA give WPPR points just on the series final standings? Not the sum of each individual series event? From what I gather they contribute towards the total TGP, but it’s the final standings (including all competitors) that make up the WPPRs?

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Paging @hisokajp

The vast majority of leagues that I’ve helped choose to submit WPPR results based on an entire season. Seasons are most commonly in the range of 6-12 meets, with each player playing 3-6 games per meet.

Often series have total amount of players then sub finals event are created with a reduce amount (top 16 of sorts).
I assumed that to get the estimates you need to link to the event with all the players, in that case the series and not the finals.

Whether there are finals or not, note that any players who participate in less than 50% of the number of sessions that count towards a player’s final tally will not be included in the results submitted to the IFPA (unless they somehow make finals).

This is incorrect. Any player that participates in 50% of the qualifying games is eligible for WPPRs.
“For any IFPA-endorsed tournament or league with a qualifying portion, players can only be included in IFPA final results if they have met at least 50% of all qualifying requirements.”

Indeed they are. I was attempting to convey that the bar can be even lower that this: if, say, there are 10 qualifying sessions, and each player’s 6 best sessions count, you only need to play in 3 sessions to be included in the results.

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New version posted that fixes the Base Value to 32 if > 64 rated players, and takes the top 64 values for Rating and top 64 values for Ranking into account in total calculations.

Leagues / series are still on the backburner…