WoZ LED Issues

I found a thread where one of the moderators indicated that the “Collecting” sub-forum was for tech questions, so I hope this is alright. I don’t see many of them in here, so I’m suspecting you guys are pretty good at not needing help.

I’ve been playing WoZ much more than I have before over the last few days and am really trying to get somewhere in the code. I’m noticing some LED issues lately that no one has told me about. I make it a point to ask everyone that plays to inform me of anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Anyway, Tuesday, when I initially powered on the machine, everything worked, but none of the playfield lights would come on. A reboot solved the issue.

Then yesterday, my Lock light at the base of the ramp turned Red even though the lock wasn’t lit. The light would turn off during certain animations, but would remain Red for no reason.

I also noticed that following some games, sometimes the Crystal Ball lights or the Rescue lights were unusual colors. If the game ended with the Crystal Ball being lit Blue, I would see 2 Blue lights, a Purple and a Red.

I’m also noticing some other unusual LED issues during certain animations, but I need to look at some videos to make sure they aren’t supposed to be that way. For example, when you get a free game the playfield is green, but some of my LEDs remain white. I just need to make sure it’s not supposed to be that way first.

Is there a logic issue with my game?

No, bad LED boards. You probably have an earlier game. Contact support and they should help you out.

I actually got it in December of last year, so I think it has the new light boards. I’ll go ahead and open a ticket. Hopefully they can help me nail down the issue. Thanks for your help!