WOZ horses: how to shuffle/reset?

@kdeangelo, I’m guessing you might know the answer to this: How do you get the current lit horse insert colors to shuffle to different colors or move to different shots?

The primary method is via the sling below the OZ lanes. As of 5.05 there’s a new “shuffle horses” random award at the Glinda target.

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Karl is mostly correct. If the sling isn’t working for some reason, completing bonus x will actually do a complete shuffle of all 6 horses. Otherwise, yeah, each sling hit advances them to the right (with a new one on the crystal ball shot).

Glinda does award it, and it shows up way more often now in 5.05, but it’s still pretty low priority:

  • add-a-ball (any multiball other than melt the witch, ballsaver not running)
  • 25-35 munchkin time (only during non-multiball munchkins)
  • stymie witch (only during cbmb, but not flipper frenzy)
  • 15-25 haunted time (during a haunted mode)
  • reset witch (during a witch hurryup)
  • 1-3 rainbow letter(s) (rainbow not complete)
  • 1-2 BALL letter(s) (ball not complete)
  • change horses
  • 2000-3000 points

Also, Glinda does not give the same award back-to-back no matter what (per player), so keep that in mind as well. That means if you use her for add-a-ball and drain, then your next multiball on your next ball will need to have some other award before you can get add-a-ball again. Not a bug.


How do you re-light Glinda?

Great stuff, Keefer. Thanks!

It’s the 10(1)-point switch near the entryway to the jet bumpers. The theory was that you wanted Glnda to just randomly show up to help you and I couldn’t think of a more random switch. :wink:


Congrats @keefer for what must certainly be the first use of the word “stymie” in any pinball machine. :smile:


Do you not get munchkin time if you’ve already used your add-a-ball?

I just meant there’s no reason for Munchkin time to be awarded during Munchkin Multiball. It’s always available for the other 3 Munchkin modes, subject to priority and back-to-back rules.

That reminds me, I actually played my way to a 95K Lollipop Lullaby entirely during single ball play the other day. That makes it my new favorite single-ball mode especially since it’s generally so disastrous to try LL during a multiball.

Nice! Speaking of Lollipop Lullaby… @keefer: can you fill in the missing blanks along with corrections/nuances to the Munchkin modes notes that are in the WOZ rule sheet linked from the PAPA site?

**** copy/paste below ****
Welcome to Munchkinland – 25 second mode, all shots score 1000 points, rainbow
increases value
 Munchkin Frenzy – 25 second mode, all switches score 100 points, rainbow increases
 Lollipop Lullaby – to be determined
o Flashing shots add a dancing group? Pink shots switch groups? Chain dancers together for big ??? points?
 Solid shots score 500?
 Flashing shots score 1000?

All munchkin modes start at 60 seconds.

In Welcome and Frenzy, it’s pretty straight forward. Shots score 1000/switches score 100; rainbow hits add +100/+10.

For LL, it’s a bit more complex. There are 3 each of male/female dancers. You start with 1 group “lit” (the shots are flashing) and 1 group unlit (pink shots). The lit/unlit groups switch every 7ish seconds based on the music. Making currently-lit shots scores the shot value (1000 +100/rainbow hit) x number of lit in-a-row. If you are successful picking off the lit shots, that value can get extremely high (no limit). If you mess up and hit a pink shot, you score 1/2 the current shot value, switch the group to the one you hit, and the shot multiplier goes back to 1. If only one group is left, the group never switches.