worst. major. malfunction. evah.

The term major malfunction could be used for lots of modern toys. Seems like more of a competitive term to me. Not a technical term used to describe a slot machine problem. Is it possible that slots and casinos were the first to use the term major machine malfunction for coin op?

Stern and others should add something to their manuals like the comments down below from the casino (…not immune to malfunction…). Best. disclaimer. ever.

Sounds like the X Men Magneto Multiball scoring upon initial release. The scoring was beyond fouled up. You could enter the multiball with 3 million, visibly count 10 Million in jackpots on the DMD and come out of the multiball and only have 6 million as a total score for everything up to that point.

I was frustrated because I had bought a NIB game in this day and age that couldn’t add. I can’t even imagine how that lady felt thinking she hit the jackpot to be told nope, just kidding.

We have top men working on it right now.


Top. Men.

This reminds me of South Park and the skill shot display bug. “Hit Target for 10 billion points”

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