World Cup Soccer Rubber Chart

I’m looking for a World Cup Soccer rubber chart. I want to know which rubbers go where. Bally failed to include it in their manual even though it’s in the Table of Contents. There are links to a couple on Google, but they’re broken.

I do have this so far.

Thanks for any help!

Just received a kit from Marco. It uses the “upper playfield parts” page from the manual, which is not helpful, and includes a list of the different rubbers and quantities in the lower left of that page (in a different font)…with no reference to what goes where.

So, even those selling kits don’t have a map.

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The gray Bally parts manual shows sizes, color and quantity, but no locations.

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Thanks @phishrace! My WCS94 Titan rubber kit came with a 1.5 ring and according to the link I provided that is correct. However, I couldn’t find a place to put it. Luckily, the chart you sent me said there isn’t even a 1.5 ring so I can stop looking. :grin:

Almost done!