WMS IJ - Level 3 Video mode

We were talking about this with @raydaypinball last weekend, is there a video of the level 3 “Choose Wisely” WMS IJ video mode somewhere? I understand it is so fast so you can practically not see where the right cup is actually moving to?

It’s actually the opposite. It’s so slow, the game ball searches and you drain with your flippers shut off. Not that this comes into play in modern times, but it’s kind of annoying to see IJs set with “hard” video mode (level 2) because it makes it all the more likely (such as it is) to get fucked on the next one.

Whoa, trippy… is it because the game is trying to speed up the frames so fast that it just gets bogged down? I’d love to see a video!

This stuff makes me super curious, so I toyed around with this.

The L-7 ROM seems to have dealt with the screw over Keefer describes and works like this.

Tournament = on
No change on later levels.

Tournament = off
Level 2, same speed. Level 3, runs faster.
The real-time interval from mode start to cup pick is however identical.

This is my experience at least.

No video, I am affraid.