Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack 2013)

Jersey Jack’s debut game, The Wizard of Oz, is based on one of the most famous stories and movies of all time. The game is undeniably gorgeous and features TWO upper playfields, two distinct outlane-save features, a 26" color LCD in the backbox, more full-color LED lighting than you can imagine, and the incredibly deep ruleset of Keith “Keefer” Johnson (known for awesome games like Stern’s “Simpsons Pinball Party” and “Lord of the Rings”).

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Shoot Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion rollovers to spell them and light locks. Lock balls at ramp. Shoot ramp to start Emerald City Multiball. Shoot rollovers during multiball to light ramp to score the character’s items.

A short dialogue to express my thoughts on WOZ…

Brian: What do I shoot for here?
Bowen: Shoot the flashing shots, that’s all.
Brian: Which one?!?

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On the one hand, if you’ve got all those LEDs and can make something the prettiest / jazziest game ever made, why not do that!

On the other hand…

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

For me, ACDC prem/LE are like seizuretown when you start the game. To say that that’s better than a nice little fading light show, well, I guess I just don’t get it.

Edit: The pro doesn’t bother me really at all, probably because incandescent is so much softer.

Love it, own it. The led use isn’t blinding- fades happen or sweeps which reduce the blinding effect. The colors are a real part of gameplay - fireball frenzy use blue /yellow critical to reach the 10 jackpots. Mood like all green on melt the witch vs the white water shots - like the fit into the storyline.

The modes are varied, both shots and goals that fit the story - personally, I like story choreography, and KEF is the master. The script /story integration on LOTR and WOZ are unique. I like Lyman’s story elements, like killing villains in SM or castles or four shots to qualify mb in MM - but those are elements without a storyline.

WOZ has several story elements in play at one time, with cutscenes for big moments - you can always advance YBR, you meet and add the three to the group, then you go to OZ, then the wizard awards them -all in order of the movie sequence, then you can melt the witch. The storyboard makes a huge difference to me in fun factor and draw to pay more $ to get more of the story.

  1. Put on some Pink Floyd music
  2. Go to Google
  3. Search for Wizard of Oz
  4. Click on the red slippers
  5. Click on the tornado