Winter 3X Tournaments at D82 Feb 17th-19th

Winter 3X Pinball Tournaments Feb 17th-19th, 2023
3 Different Tournaments over 3 Days
1 Large Main Event that spans the 3 days and 2 separate knockout tournaments
New Main Event Format
Main Event is Stern Pro Circuit, IFPA Certified, and will be Certified+ with 128+ players
Main Event will be between 200%-300% TGP (Over 200% is due to 25-50% certified boost - just waiting on final rules for 2023)
Pinburgh inspired main event with A/B and Novice Divisions
Top 16 in each division receive cash prizes
Knockout Tournament each night of qualifying
Top 8 in each knockout receive cash prizes
4th ‘warm up’ tournament starting at 5PM Thursday Feb 16th ( yes IFPA points) for those that want to come early
Everything will be live streamed on Twitch with Fox Cities Pinball Stream
All 100+ Pinball Machines will be on free play the whole time

Please follow the link below for full details, payout structures, etc but here is a brief summary:

Day 1: Main Event Qualify Morning-Afternoon
Everyone against everyone in a 4 round, 3 games per round bank (1 game from 3 different eras), tiered swiss pairings, IFPA rank seeding to start, 3/2/1/0 scoring per game. A & B Division will have IFPA rank restrictions but everyone still gets to play in day 2. Everyone will be divided up into A/B and Novice Divisions based on cumulative score for start of Day 2.

Day 1: Night
10 Strike Progressive Knockout will all machines

Day 2: Main Event Qualify Morning-Afternoon
All players will play 4 Rounds, 3 Games Per Round Bank(1 Game from 3 different eras), tiered swiss pairings, 3/2/1/0 scoring per game. You will only compete against others whom are within your Division whether its A/B or Novice that was determined from Day 1 results. A & B Division will carry points from Day 1 into Day 2 and the cumulative points from the 2 days will determine if you make finals. Novice division will start from Zero points and Day 2 only will decide if they make the finals. Division A brings 24 Players to Finals. B & Novice Bring 16 Players to finals

Day 2: Night
8 Fair Strikes Classics Knockout

Day 3: Main Event Finals Morning-Afternoon
Division A Top 24 Make Finals with top 8 having first round bye. Groups of 4 players play 3 games with 4/2/1/0 scoring, Top seed gets choice of Bank, etc. Top 2 advance Bottom 2 Eliminated each round. This continues to the Final Four who then play for the win.
Division B & C have 16 Players making the finals. Same as above without the 1st round bye.

If you do not make finals I will have roughly half of D82 available for Free Play on Sunday.

Cost $250 Per Person ($140 Admission to D82 and $110 Prize Pool Money) D82 covers all the sales tax, IFPA endorsement fees, Stern Pro Circuit Fee, credit card fees, trophies, etc with admission fees. 100% of prize pool money goes back to players as prize money.

Registration Opens December 3rd, 2022 at 11:00AM Central Time
You need to pay for this event right after you register. This is the same registration/payment process as Super Series and Frosty Flipper Series.
The Thursday Night Tournament Registration opens on December 3rd, 2022 at 11:15AM Central Time.

Max TGP for any event is 200%.

Event Boosters are a separate part of the formula.

Total event value = TGP X Event Booster

the result for the event base point is 300% max at the end right?

Correct. 300% total value is max for any non-Major.

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