Williams Indiana Jones optimal difficult tournament settings

We often have Indiana Jones The Pinball Adventurrrre in tournamnets at our club, and I wonder if there is a “common” way to set it to make it a short playing game instead of a long playing game?

What we are thinking of doing for our next tournament is:

  1. Removing rubbers from outlanes, right outlane post saver, post between inlane,outlane
  2. 3 second ball save on plunge, and no ball save on multiball.
  3. Tight tilt.

is there anything else worth doing?


Block off the right ramp so that no one plays for multiball? :slight_smile:

Turn off the center-drop-target-to-outlane ball save.


In trying to keep the balance between going for modes and multiball, how would it feel shortening the time for the each mode? Or is that just a way to make it easier for people to advance through the modes?

I wouldn’t shorten any of the mode times.

Make sure that the mode start hole is hittable from both flippers and that the ball doesn’t generally bounce out on a clean shot. That should be enough to make modes worth doing, especially with no mulitball ball save.

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whatever the PAPA folks did for the IJ at pinvasion this year was optimal. I think they just had super bouncy rubbers, really tight slings, tight tilt, and no outlane save. Don’t recall many scores over 400 mil