Wilder Hamm Interview on custom Legend of Zelda.

We attended the Ghostbusters Launch party at Abari in Charlotte NC. We got to interview Wilder Hamm who is building a custom Legend of Zelda pinball machine out of a Gottlieb Gladiators. It just so happens that’s what Gladiators was originally supposed to be.

Wilder shares that story, things he has talked to Jon Norris about, how he’s building it with FAST pinball boards, and shows pictures from his phone of the project in its current whitewood state.

We thought this was too awesome of a project for it to stay under the radar like it is. This is a 6 minute highlight pulled from our Ghostbusters stream.



I just wanted to recognize the folks who put this video together. They also happen to be some of the nicest guys I’ve met via pinball.

Wilder owns Save Point Video Games and has a beautiful LOTR there. http://www.savepointvideogames.com/
Zach Pulliam owns Abari Game Bar which has 10 pins - http://abarigamebar.com/
David Kyle is pinballr https://www.twitch.tv/pinballr
Heath Ashley - cohost / current SC SCS Champ

Heh, nice interview. I know for a fact that Nintendo is very, very strict and demanding as far as licensing things out to other companies. (Those Funko POP! figurines, for instance–notice that Nintendo’s pretty much the only geek-oriented company with a lot of well-known franchises that isn’t part of it.)

The Zelda IP is very wide as a theme though, in artwork, general mood, audio, and history. Will this mod focus on a specific part of the franchise? Is it just A Link to the Past?

Don’t show this to the existing Zelda fanbase though. They’re going to tear this poor guy apart.


yes, he said that Jon Norris told him the original plan was for the theme to be based on A Link to the Past, so that is the direction he is taking. At the end, he talks about there being Dark world and Light world modes.

I disagree with you on the last statement. He runs an independent video game shop, and is more into that than he is pinball. I think most people who would give him a hard time about this would not beat him in the credibility department.

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Oh no, this has nothing to do with his credibility, but of the sheer whiny, cynical, and entitled nature of the Zelda fanbase at large, which has become almost as bad as the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase.

These are the fans who expect (not anticipate, but expect) things to be in some upcoming project, regardless of how feasible it is, and will throw fits if it isn’t in there. It’s caused Zelda Wii U to be in quite the sticky situation, as a number of false rumors have spread about that game’s unique features that a lot of Zelda fans either now believe is 100% true or they demand Nintendo put them all in there or they’ll raise a stink.

I’m not saying all fans are like this, but that odds are showing this to a large Zelda fansite will attract the attention of at least one such person.

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