Who would win at pinball?

Magneto or Professor X?

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It would come down to who knew the rules better. Both could control the game easily and they would never drain so game knowledge is the only obstacle.

I’m going with X

It sounds like a variant of the Cantor infinity problem.

If neither player ever drains but one has more knowledge, it seems it could be argued that the less knowledgeable player would still always eventually match each scoring stage of the more knowledgeable player. The infinities are equal.

Or in pinball language, Magneto could just chop wood on any minor scoring device until he reached the next higher scoring tier.

Queuing Bowen in 3, 2, 1… :slight_smile:


Good point. If the games were timed, then it would come down to who knew the most about the game.

Magneto wins because he can continue scoring even after the inevitable failure of the flipper coils.


What advantage does Xavier even have? He doesn’t have telekinesis. I guess he could mind control Keith Elwin and have him play the game for him. Other than that, though, Magneto seems to have the clear advantage.

“attacking me with metal objects? How futile!”

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He can too move stuff. It’s probably more work tho than for Magneto.

I always thought Xavier was limited to telepathy/mind control.

I wouldn’t call mind control limited. At some point Xavier would find a way to convince a TD that Magneto deserved to be DQ’d for something (even if Magneto had Lefkoff and Associates representing him) :slight_smile:


What about sabatoge? I can see Magneto purposefully messing with mechanisms. I’m not sure of this is part of Xavier’s powers, but if he could implant false memories into Magneto regarding layout and modes, that could turn the tide significantly.

Dat helmet tho…

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Right! I forgot. -5 to my nerd cred. :sweat_smile:

Those who can’t do, teach.
Professors teach.
Therefore, Magneto does.

Thanks for the insightful replies. Initially I thought Magneto for sure, but now I think Professor X could play a near perfect game on any machine by getting the info from every top player and the designers themselves, plus applying is own genius level skills to that knowledge. He would only need to use telekenesis on a limited basis if it goes sdtm (which would be unlikely anyways because he will know the perfect shot). I also wonder tho if a TD could determine that what he is doing is a form of coaching and DQ him? I would not want to be the TD for that tournament.

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Score Draw, but I can guarantee that Wolverine wouldn’t do too well :astonished:

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Assuming powers are in play, Magneto. Magna-save is always active with him. No powers, then Professor X, he’d probably memorize all the PAPA tutorials ahead of time.

Professor X, he’d be tricky enough to load all his machines with powerballs.


With or without power balls in the game?

Magneto can trigger switches without the ball though. Optos…maybe not if unless he tears off a rail and uses that to trigger the opto.

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I’ve always wondered: who are the associates at Lefkoff and Associates?

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