Who plays in the Add-A-Ball Weeklies here?

I’ll be up in Seattle next week. I haven’t lived there since 2008, and I was wondering who on here plays in the Add-A-Ball weekly?

Is the turnout usually pretty good? 3-strike knockout - how long does it usually last?

Thanks! Hopefully looking forward to seeing some smiling faces up there next week.


yeah, usually minimum 30 people with up to 40+ 3 strikes, if you are in the top 4 it usually end near to 1am. Most people get done by 11pm.

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Ending at 1am on Wednesday night? :dizzy_face:

You must not have jobs in Seattle :wink:


I’ve always thought the same thing. How the hell are you drawing 50 people to those things??/


Yeah that is so late! I get mad about our Wednesday weekly ending at 11/11:30!!

I will still probably come :expressionless:



I’ve heard the traffic is so bad they have to start late just so people can make these. Still dreaming of moving to OR/WA :frowning2:

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Yeah same here, people are always whining about how late things go when we have 30 people, and we move a lot more efficiently than I understand the Add A Ball ones do.

At least it’s 3 and not 4 :scream:

My understanding is that at least 2:00 am is not uncommon.

well I am not sure what is the % of people there that have a job at 8am or a kid waking them up at 7am… but it’s past midnight for only a handful of people at least, good thing of the 3 strike tourney.

can’t say I go there too often when there is anything else going on but that is got to be the weekly with the most people in average :slight_smile:

I don’t go to them anymore because I work at 7am the next day, and no longer have a car. But there are plenty of people who work service industry jobs, love pinball, and live near Fremont. Adda is a great, great spot for pinball and it’s been the most popular local weekly for some time now. We peaked at 72 or 74 people on Wednesday night there. They doubled up on all the machines and it was done before 2am. It helps to have the matches announced on the mic, plus nearly everyone has Brackelope on their phones. If you’re still in town the next day, I usually go to Flip Flip Ding Ding’s weekly since it’s walking distance for me. Come out to that one too if you can!


They don’t ever go past 2am. Only time I can think of that happening was this year’s 420 tournament which had 125 people. They talked about extending the finals to the next night, but just stayed open a little longer and finished it out.

I’m typically home by 12:30a, and that involves a post-pinball walk to Pel Meni for dumplings, and an Uber ride to Ballard.

It starts so late, because people are busy getting stoned, and the start time is like “whenever we feel like it, man”. I rarely go. If Thursday is a holiday, I may go on Wednesday and stay up late.


@Austin spill the beans! Did you go? Are you going to Flip Flip tonight? How’s your pinball Seattle experience going?

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