Who likes to smoke fat blunts before a tournament game?

Performance enhancing drugs? Maybe! Discuss!


I’m going to guess Michael Phelps, but considering what he has to eat to keep caloric intake on par with what he burns getting the munchies constantly seems to be the only way.


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If only there was a “drain thread” button like Pinside…


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Pretty sure I would get a zero for playing out of turn on every game.


Every time I’ve done this during PAPA syle finals, I get a 4 on the first game, a 2 on the second game, and then a 0 on the last game.


I’ve played out of turn only twice. Once during my first tournament ever, when the person before me nor I realized they had an extra ball. The other time was when I was too drunk, and had been playing with the same person most of the evening. I got so used to playing after them that on ball 2 I moved ahead a position and disqualified myself. :sweat:

Thankfully that doesn’t happen when I smoke, and having matchplay to look at (over and over) and confirm my position!

The top players secret is out?!?!!one11!!!??? :smoking: :smoking:


What’s a “fat blunt”?

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Who likes to smoke fat blunts before a tournament game?

It was mandatory before starting and between rounds at a 420 (April 20th) tourney I competed in a few years ago in Oakland. At least that’s how the email that went out read. By the time we got started, it was obvious some of the regulars who showed up weren’t big smokers. So everyone pretty much enjoyed what they wanted.

I ended up eating two tiny squares of a big chocolate bar on the kitchen counter and was high for the next two days. Didn’t read the label for dosage and figured two small pieces of chocolate would be no prob, right? Wrong. I could work and function just fine, but I felt it for a good two days. I’m tempted to remind people to read those labels, but I don’t think they’re very accurate for edibles anyway. Stick with just one square of chocolate for starters anyway, no matter how small the squares are.

Appropriately, I don’t recall if a smoker or non-smoker won. Didn’t matter. A good time was had by all. No points were awarded and nobody cared.

IMO, weed is totally neutral for pinball. It might calm you down slightly, but it’s in no way performance enhancing. It also won’t hurt your game (like alcohol will). The only possible exception would be if you smoked weed for the first time in your life right before a tourney. That could go bad.

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Mike, The Urban Dictionary describes it as:

‘Very loaded marijuana cigar’

To smoke a cigar that has been cut open, the tobacco removed and replaced with as much stinky, sticky, sweet green ganja as one can put in the bad-boy, then re-stuck together using magic. This is usually with the intention of getting f-in’ mellow and “blunted.”

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Hahaha, OK. I’ve never touched the stuff (smokes of ANY type) and have never been involved in “the talk” that surrounds it so I guess that explains my lack of knowledge in this area.

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Never smoked anything in my life either but definitely knew what a blunt was. It’s just common knowledge :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s common knowledge in the USA but certainly not in Australia.

I get that.

An actual fat blunt is overkill right?? Maybe I can’t hang like I used to.

For me, if I bothered carrying the stuff around, I think a small puff once an hour during a tournament would be great.

Not me

Medicated is the word I prefer to use a legal medical cannabis patient. I like to maintain focus and be relaxed so while I prefer a smaller amount than a fat blunt, my answer would be yes.

I’ve never really tried, but I might do it at EPC in Copenhagen (Christiania etc. Hoh!). Not sure. It’s probably a bad time to try it for the first time. But I like to have FUN when I play pinball. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I believe I tried it at Dutch Pinball Open 2003, or 2002. The performance was sort of terrible at that tournament. Whoops.

I guess something like Ritaline would be pretty good performance enhancing, for some people (not me though, I think, it really doesn’t do any good for me). Is it allowed? As medication with prescription it must be allowed, right?

Like a friend says “only heroin and acid”.