Who Dunnit league settings

Just picked up a Who Dunnit. What settings should I adjust/change to make it playable in league?

Just turn tournament play on and use v1.0 to get rid of the elevator madness bug/exploit. See here: Rules questions about that crazy WhoDunnit game at Pinburg

Turn off “staged ball” is essential as well IMO.

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Thanks guys. Also any suggestions on what settings should I change to make the game harder?

Put a stiff spring in the shooter rod (red if possible) which will make the super skill harder and harder to exploit.

I would also recommend no ball save, which also makes the super skill much more risky.

Open the outlanes if they have adjust ability.

Otherwise not much else.

I also like what I saw of the CA SCS Who Dunnit elevator set up, where it looked like they removed the one-way gate that spans the entire elevator. So if you bounce off of the post between Up/Exit/Down, it often rejects the ball back down the elevator U-turn ramp, making the elevator a much more risky shot.

as I know, you can’t turn the ball save off, minimum is 3 secs (maybe you can in v1.0)

Nope, wasn’t removed. Jim’s W?D simply likes to reject a ton somehow.

Good ideas. Thanks again. What about the staged ball? In NF it stages a ball in the right VUK so that when you hit the lock shot the ball fires up the VUK right away rather than having to wait for the ball to travel down the subway speeding up gameplay. What effect does turning off the staged ball have on W?D?

I think we all got screwed by Jim’s missing gate spring on WD! But yeah in the end it kept you on your toes!


With it on you’ll get a wild auto-launched ball when shooting a scoop (or is it just the telephone) after a player plays a multiball.

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I don’t think Jim’s has urethane post rubbers, but if one wanted to make the elevator hard without taking the gate out, those will do it. I had some on mine when I first shopped it and it was awful (or awesome depending on your angle). I ended up putting Cliffy’s on those posts so that shots would stay up. Even normal rubber was bouncing back more than I liked.

making the elevator reject shots is super annoying. There is literally no reason to do this.

if you want a WD? tough as nails do this:

Lightning flippers, no ball save, yellow post rubbers, stiff shooter spring, done.

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Ball save reduced, staged ball off and red spring on order :slight_smile: