Whirlwind tournament/competition mode?

I was under the impression that there’s menu item that will allow me to set my Whirlwind so it starts each player on the same cellar award.

I’ve dug through the menu, and didn’t see anything relevant. For kicks, I tried installing the Hard presets, but no dice.

Is this possible? Ideally, I’d like the adjustment # and setting, but the more info the better at this point.


No. Not possible.

Also, you have to set the game to no extra balls by doing so on all three (I believe) individual menu items regarding extra balls. The extra ball award item on speaker panel must be on at game start.

Other than this, for tourney play the games suffers of lock stealing. In multi player games a player can start the lock multiball / quick multiball stack with one shot to the celler, if quick multiball award is lit and previous players have been kind enough to put two balls in the lock.

Random celler lit award is not a super hot issue with the game, as it is not super easy to plunge the ball to the flipper. If you set the celler unlit at game start, it will be even tougher. Set plunger to not make the side ramp and the game is pretty much fixed.

Thanks for the info.

This is interesting. I currently just have Max Ex Balls (or whatever it’s called) set to zero. This setting works, but it means that the EB is still a potential cellar door award, so the EB will light at the drop target when this award is activated. The game does its light show when you “get” this EB, but nothing is awarded. I’ll see if I can find the other settings you’re talking about; it would be nice to have the EB option blanked out.