Where to play in San Diego?

Im in SD for a conference thing. I plan on hitting up the high dive. Any other cool spots to check out?

I ended up hanging out at Harbor Town, which had a good selection (and a pile of local players there for a knockout tournament). High Dive is excellent, too.

Coin Op game room is pretty fun too - lots of good beer options (and Hi Dive has good beer selection as well)

Stuck at the conference… must… resist. … leaving. … early. …

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Thanks Bowen harbor town was great! We met the op and he was cool and gave us the lowdown on some other spots. Headed to the high dive later to check out firepowerball and MET with some juiced flipper coils!

Must have missed out on the crazy flipper coils and didn’t get to play firepower. Games at high dive played great!

I spend a lot of time in SD for work and think that Harbor Town probably has the best condition games…that CFTBL there is really in amazing shape, and color DMD! I threw up the GC last time I was out there…wonder if it’s still active…?

I really like the vibe at High Dive too - really nice employees, a little off the beaten path, great beer selection. Last time I was there they had powerballs in the Firepower! But they also had a Seawitch - which is always awesome to see.

Waterfront Bar and Grill has one of the nicest Met’s I’ve ever seen in person…it’s really a joy to play and you walk up and look at it and can’t believe it’s on route! And a super super fast 24 last time I was there.

Coin Op I go back and forth on…condition is meh on MB, TAF and SS. They do have a very good beer selection though…and gets a little crowded with the early 20’s crowd. I have always tried to make it to one of their tournaments but dates have never lined up just right.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your time there. San Diego is awesome, especially if you have access to a car and can go check stuff out. Torrey Pines is out of this world beautiful.

Yeah one of the coils fried so I pulled them both out about 2 weeks ago until I get another one.

Just missed it. I really like the idea of route games with crazy setups. Didn’t get to play firepower :frowning: It was busy in there and that table is close to fp. Every time I looked it was being used as a spare table or man ass was dangerously close to the right flipper button. Lol