When should I start TZ multiball?

My ideal scenario for starting the regular multiball on Twilight Zone is to get two locks (thus increasing the jackpot from 15m to 40m) and then put the third ball up the ramp so that multiball starts with a free auto-plunged shot at the piano.

Now, I’ve been more cognizant of which modes are running, and if I start a timed mode, particularly one of the clock modes, I will start the multi-ball even if I only have one lock - figuring that the mode scoring will probably make up the difference between the jackpot sizes. (I’d guess that my average jackpots per multiball is closer to 1 than it is to 2)

Curious how other people approach this.

There’s modes on TZ? I haven’t noticed :smile:

Grinding out multiballs for me is a means towards gumball locks and powerball mania.

I’d always rather get the first multiball quick so I’m being as efficient as possible locking balls to reset my gumball status.

I look forward to TZ 2.0 where powerball mania jps aren’t always 50 mil, but based on how long you can keep the powerball on the playfield before cashing out for the multiball. There’s some potential great risk reward available if you tweak that rule a bit.

You can already get that experience by putting Powerballs in a Batman Dark Knight game :slight_smile:

Yup yup … Except I would ‘crank it up’ quite a bit with respect to the risk/reward.

10 out of 10 dentists cash out bat signal multiball as quickly as possible.

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The only times I really focus on bringing modes into multiball with me is if I have “the spiral” or “town square madness” lit. Those can yield very good results. Don’t forget, however, that even if you crush those modes during multiball the points amount to, roughly, an extra jackpot. Focusing on the actual multiball always yields the highest expected value in my estimation.

What stops someone from getting the PB to a cradle and cranking up the JP if you were to go with that rule tweak?

Not saying it would be easy but depending on the kickout from the slot, not impossible.

‘Keep the ball on the playfield’ in terms of shooting shots to increase the value . . . not based on actual time in play (although that Scorpion rule hasn’t been used in a while) :wink:

Even something like 5 mil per Greed target added to a base of 5 mil . . . cash out whenever you would like. There’s the Powerball insert on the left orbit, so maybe you throw in a “Left loop to Hitchhiker combo” increase the JP by 10 mil.

You could ignore mania now and bring the Powerball into regular multiball for a similar effect (but you’re boosting it after every jackpot this way, rather than once at the beginning). Double Jackpots can add up quickly.

I would probably never do this in a tournament myself, but it might be viable if you’re far behind, the Powerfield is difficult, or you’re just tired of grinding out 25Ms.