when are player rankings determined for a tournament value?

At the date of submission, or the date the tournament was held?

thanks in advance!!

At the date the tournament was held. If a tournament held before another and is submitted after said tournament the value will retroactively change (see pinburgh)


when it comes to this TPL with qualifying in december and finals in january, the tournament value will be based on 2019 player values but contribute to the 2020 SCS season yeah?

The values will be based on whatever information we have prior to that January event end date.

So if finals are January 11th, the player values will be based on that January 11th date.

So when the results for this TPL are submitted, they will be based on player values at the time of the finals and will count towards 2020 SCS?

The system recognizes the end date of the event.

Anything with an end date of 2020 feeds the 2020 SCS season.

Player values are always based on all data up until that same end date of the event.

sorry for being a total noob. i guess my confusion lies in when an event is held. if i have an event with qualifying on january 1st with finals on december 31st. when would that event be held technically?

Sounds to me like it’s the finals date that is considered to be the date the tournament is held

The system only looks at “END DATE” of every event that’s submitted to us.

If someone runs a league from January 1st, 2020 through December 14th, 2027 . . . the only date that matters to us is 12/14/27. The event date will be recognized as that date in the system.


Also, the player rankings for things like B and C restrictions is generally done in advance. One other thing to keep in mind.

But for TPL, the player rankings should be based off the players rankings the day of the finals and it will count towards 2020 SCS.

Intersting thing about that TPL season, unlike other TPL’s the finals aren’t held during another major open tournament/show. I’m hopefully they add some extra side events for those that qualify for TPL finals but didn’t make SCS. If not, it may limit the participation for that particualr TPL. Good to see more events though, but I do hope that is accounted for.

what about an 1 time event on new years eve that has data sent in after midnight? and what time zone? local? CENTRAL?
any rules for that?
Based on event date and not data sent in day?

When data is sent is irrelevant. TD’s can submit events from November in January the following year if they so choose.

The only thing that matters is the event end date.

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