Whatever happened to [great pinball player]?

Sometimes there are great pinball players who suddenly or gradually stop going to pinball events, even though they are extremely good players who are regularly finishing near the top at major events. I assume that often the reason is personal issues regarding perhaps career or family, but there’s no way for me to know this if I do not know the player personally.

There’s a particular player who had an amazing run in PAPA under extreme conditions and won 2 circuit events who has not played in an IFPA sanctioned pinball event in a year. There is very little footage of him playing at pinballvideos.com but from his successes he seemed well on his way to “the top.”

There are also players who have played competitive pinball for a long time (5-25 years) who eventually stop going to pinball events, even though they are still in the 99th percentile of competitive pinball players in terms of skill. Pinball doesn’t really have a formal tour, pro circuit, contracts, or anything like that, so there really are never any official retirement announcements.

As someone who has only really been involved in competitive pinball for around 3 years, and not yet at the A-level of play, the IFPA site as well as game footage is my best resource as to who is good. Video is new, and it is not always easy to gauge historical success from the IFPA site, so I often wonder what could have happened if this player was in their prime during this event at this time.

This post is sort of vague but if it touches on anything that anyone would like to respond to, I’d love to read your answer.

RAY and I refer to this as “pulling a Blonder” for obvious reasons. :frowning:

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NES! He’s still around our area and I love to play with him whenever I run into him. Rick Stetta also comes out here and then but doesn’t do the big tournies any more either

Money plays a part. It’s not cheap to compete at a high level in this hobby. No matter how good you are. In general, it’s a hobby that’s easy to drift in and out of. Lots more stuff more important than pinball.

Probably the best player who rarely competed is Marc Conant. Marc is getting older and his eyes are getting worse, but he’s still getting it done on location. Neil and Rick too. Public GC initials = trophy. That’s their competition now, as it was when they first started playing. No TD needed.

Probably to be expected until you can make a living off PAPA money or got more than a pat on the back from the IFPA for finishing #1 :wink:

To the Glue Factory!

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That #1 trophy doesn’t pay for itself! :slight_smile:

(the Burger King crown however is free - except for the cost of the kids meal)

Whatever happened to Chris Basler? Super nice guy and a great player. I noticed his last result was a win at Pinvasion in June 2015.


From what I understand, Chris has had some really bad wrist problems/surgeries that have made him unable to play competitively. Others would know better than me though.

Oh, OK. I see he is registered for Pinburgh, along with all us other Chris’s!

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