What three new things do you know, that you did not know before?

  1. No fear. Tilting while entering video mode will show the tilt, but then still let you play the mode. No idea if it awarded points, but it displays the total at the end.
  2. Tilting F2K (and other sterns of that era) with 0 points will not cost a ball.
  3. Trying to soft plunge (and failing) on AC/DC will trigger auto-plunge and kill ball saver.

Ya, that video mode on No Fear was just bizarre, I owned a NF for quite some time and that never occurred.

  1. Stern Trek - Holding right flipper while full plunging will give you credit for right orbit shot if it’s lit for mode (and the ball properly pops out out of the lanes, instead of going in to pops). Great for modes where you want to get Galactic Away Team running ASAP.

  2. GoT - Stealing the plunge from the auto plunger and soft plunging without hitting any switches is the bees knees in this game. Not only can you do it at ball start to avoid starting ball save, but you can do it with every lock (assuming ball kicks to plunger, rather than coming down from sword). This keeps all timers stopped, including WIC, combo multipliers, and modes.

  3. Diner - Tilting after you’ve qualified 500k ramps during multiball keeps the 500k ramps alive for next ball (single ball).


all 3 above :slightly_smiling:

  1. Ghostbusters - Like the aforementioned GoT soft plunge above, the soft plunge is just as important in Ghostbusters. You can have as many attempts as possible to get ball control, and a plunge slightly harder than a soft plunge will award the right loop skill shot (if it up-downs the switch). Can be used any time a ball is auto-plunged in the shooter lane in single ball play, so you can regroup after an early drain.

  2. Radical - The meter in the center that determines your RADICAL letter award decreases over time, but increases with each letter collected. Shoot fast and shoot accurate!

  3. Banzai Run - The feed from the Lap loop/Banzai Hill can be drop-caught reliably on some machines, allowing for looping of the Jump award.

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Although I have not done it, I believe it is possible to get Mass Hysteria before validating the playfield. My record is 20 ghosts before playfield validation, by accident. The benefits of soft plunging on Ghostbusters right now are enormous, but up to this point, I have only been using it to try to hit my skill shot and significantly extend my ball save time.

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Tron - a hard plunge into the pops (to the post, not sending it around for the super skill) collects the light cycle for the right orbit if lit. Useful if that’s the last one you need to qualify light cycle MB.

Jackbot - you can collect a second super jackbot after the first without needing both eyes lit for jackbot. Probably old news to most, but I always thought both needed to be lit to get the super.

PAPA - the free sarcasm is in fact free!