What is your flipper staging technique?


This is the only skill I haven’t mastered and now that Iron Maiden is here the time has come. I am aware of two techniques:

1 Half button press (ie same as always, just don’t press the button all the way in)

1a Controlled half press by rolling my finger slowly off the edge of the button

2a Hold the button half way in with the middle finger. The middle finger rests against the cabinet and holds the button half way in, the index finger does the full press to activate the upper flipper

2b Same as 2a except index and middle fingers are reversed, ie use middle finger for the full press

What technique do you use to stage flippers, and what do you consider the best?



It helped me to practice staging every chance I could instead of just when it’s necessary. That way when you’re in a situation where staging is important it should come as second nature.


With staging, it’s about the button release, not the button press. I focus on a slow, controlled release of the button until only the secondary flipper drops… In the style of 1 though, I guess


2a. The 2s only require you to find the spot once, and then the trick is maintaining that (which is still difficult). I don’t understand how anyone does 1 consistently…you need to perfectly find the exact spot is every time you flip.


I use 1A. Oh, not listed? Here’s how I do it. It’s a controlled half press by rolling my finger slowly off the edge of the button. It’s a little different but it works for me. I’ve tried the 2a and 2b but it just takes way too much concentration for me to set it up. Once it’s set up it works but the set up feels too weird to me.


I’m similar. Some sort of half press with my finger using either the edge of the button or the edge of the side rail as a fulcrum


Maiden is definitely where push has come to shove for me as well.
Previously I’ve tried the two finger stuff, but really I don’t think it requires that much precision and fear is really the major obstacle, a la tap passing. Not that I’ve mastered it or anything.


I full press with my index finger and anchor my middle finger below it just off the edge of the button and then slowly release the button moving my middle finger out with it a bit, sort of bent. Then I use the middle finger as sort of a stop for the button. I release the button until I feel it hit my middle finger.


2A. I believe there’s also a video out there on this technique — or at least one of the 2’s.