What Happened to the Soren ROMS?

So I just recently installed the Soren ROM for Demolition Man and love it. I went to see what other ROMS he had today and I’m noticing that everything about them seems to be deleted? This stinks of Planetary throwing a fit over nothing. Does anyone know what is up?

Taking a break.

I like to say, that this is NOT because of quality issues that have poped up all the sudden. I am honest about such, and would report it if it was.

The publication of the Pinball Profile episode a couple of days ago is completely unrelated. Believe it or not. The interview was conducted October last.

Happy flip’n…


Okay, well that is good to hear. Thank you for your contributions, the improvements are great.

I think Ive only used the Rollergames one so far but Demo Man is on my shortlist of machines to buy because the rom is available. Plus a little bit of @Tsskinne talking it up on the podcast.

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It really made the game for me. It went from something that’s fun to play when I see it on occasion to a game I’m happy to own. It also got more plays so far this month that’s Stranger Things at my location. Kind of blowing my mind.

maybe i’m dense, but i don’t understand this reply. why does “taking a break” necessitate removing the roms and all info about the roms from the internet?


they are still in mame / pinmame repos

Got a link?

not fully up to date

These updates really enhanced certain games. Whatever happened… it sucks that the roms were removed. Hope all’s well.


In a Pinside thread regarding this, Planetary Pinball said “Stay tuned … hopefully more than you ever hoped for will be coming …” (link: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/wmd-bally-custom-code-gone#post-5510789)

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Well hopefully that is some good news. Maybe they have partnered up and will be selling and Soren can make some money off of his hard work.


To sell will need new hardware / maybe new pic’s (WPC S and later) and that will not stop pinmame / mame

People are putting the roms in machines now and not needing new security pics so why would they need them if they are selling them?

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they can change new roms to need an update security pic but I don’t think there a lot more that can be done with the old WPC hardware

Can anyone burn me a DM Soren Rom or email me the Rom file? I’d love to have it, but can’t find it anywhere. I read pinmame, but also read it’s not the latest/last version.

Please help if you can.

pinmame has LX-4 patch c53f and LH-6 patch 4d2b mods

Got this taken care of.

Thanks Tommy!

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Also looking for a vanished soren ROM - anyone have the file for Radical they would be willing to send me?

They went official…