weird CFTBL bug?!

what’s the bug: the completion of “PAID” doesn’t give you the letter “L” from “FILM”

what happenend before (don’t remember exactly):

  • already played one MB
  • had a Extraball Hurry-up from the snack bar (I collected the Extraball on my next ball)
  • modes “move your car” and “mega menu” were running simultaneosly

“L” couldn’t be collected on all my following balls…

did anybody already had this bug? what causes it?


First I’ve heard of it, and I’ve experienced some really really weird ones. My favorite:

  • Lock ball for multiball
  • Plunge ball into PAID lane that doesn’t register (switch is broken).
  • Hit some bumpers (ball still held in right popper (M shot))
  • Brick ball and drain
  • Ball over (can’t remember if ball search was required to kick locked ball out or not, it might’ve happened during bonus)

I experienced a “bug” on Creature a couple weeks ago where I locked a ball in the right scoop for video mode just as the ball search kicked on. The video mode started thus killing my flippers, and at the same time as the ball got kicked out of the scoop for the ball search. It slowly bounced around and drained as I played the video mode. After the video mode was over the bonus rang up and my ball was done. It was ball 3 and I lost by a couple million. Womp womp.