Washington/Baltimore: FSPA new seasons starting!

Do you live in the Baltimore/Washington metro area? Do you like pinball? Do you wish you could play pinball with lots of really cool people every week, and maybe win a Stern “Big Game” for your trouble?

The Free State Pinball Association (FSPA) is about to start our Spring 2015 seasons at all three of our locations:

  • Mighty Mike’s Bar & Grill, Sterling, VA: week 0 is Monday, January 12 at 8 PM
  • Volleyball House (VBH), Elkridge, MD: week 0 is Wednesday, January 21 at 8 PM
  • Town Hall, College Park, MD: week 0 is Thursday, January 22 at 8:30 PM

“Week 0” is an unscored meet-and-greet week that we use to help kick off the new season, welcome new players to the league, welcome back our returning players, and do some practice games and preplays. Week 1, the first officially scored week, is a week after week 0 at all locations. All of our leagues play for 10 regular season weeks, followed by 1 week of playoffs… about 50% of players qualify for playoffs. Players of ANY skill level can compete against players of similar skill. All of our leagues are separate, so you can join one, two, or all three of them!

Wanna join? Just stop by any of those locations at the times mentioned and say hi, and we’ll help you from there! Want more info? Visit fspazone.org, or drop me a note.

Oh, yeah, about that Big Game! Every year, the FSPA gives away an awesome pinball machine to one of our league members… it doesn’t matter how good you are, just come and play a season with us, and you’ll get a drawing ticket for the machine! This year we’re giving away a gorgeous Stern Big Game to someone who plays in an FSPA league in the Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Summer 2015 seasons… the more seasons you play, the better your chance to win!


All three FSPA leagues will be rolling with another season of awesome league pinball next week!

Mighty Mike’s in Sterling, VA: week 1 is this coming Monday, September 14, starting promptly at 8 PM!
VBH in Elkridge, MD: week 0 is this coming Wednesday, September 16, starting at 8 PM.
Town Hall in College Park, MD: week 0 is this coming Thursday, September 17, starting at 8:30 PM.

If you haven’t already signed up for your favorite league, it really helps us out with initial groupings if you take a moment to register online before league starts.

Mighty Mike’s signup: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/2
VBH signup: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/4
Town Hall signup: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/3

Besides getting to enjoy the best league pinball around, players completing any FSPA league season get free entry to the end-of-season party and a raffle ticket for our giveaway pinball machine, which for the 2015-2016 cycle is a very nice Williams Laser Cue, to be given away in September 2016! Really love Laser Cue? Play through two or three leagues and earn a raffle ticket for each one!

Come on out and enjoy some great match-play league action with us!