Walker Bombs and whatnot.

Hey Guys, I’ve played TWD pro a ton but never played an LE/Premium. I’ll be playing one soon in an upcoming tourney. Can someone please explain exactly how to get Walker Bombs and when is the best time to use them? Also any other major gameplay differences in the LE from the pro? Thanks a bunch!

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Unfortunately bomb use is highly dictated by setup. If competition is set through the installs menu then you can only use them to advance to multiball (except Horde). Under normal play you can use them to set up a huge 2x+X super jackpot shot.

During well round collect food to add bombs. First aid and prison round adds prison bombs. During Horde collect weapons to add bombs.


Best time to use them is to get either Prison or Well to one shot left with a bomb in hand.

You can then work on ‘other stuff’ for free - progress towards Blood Bath, and progress towards the other MB.

More importantly is being able to use that free time to start a mode - for me my go-to is Tunnel. Then GO TO TOWN for as long as possible in one ball play. Drain … Smack the button to start Prison or Well… Keep going on Tunnel (or Barn is also good for this). At some point you’re completing drop target banks to add time, so Blood Bath is inevitable.

I’ve come out of that Tunnel / Blood Bath / Prison stack in the 400-800 mil range if you can string shots together with a decent amount of free play time sitting on that bomb.

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Thanks Josh! Is there any indication that you have a bomb in store? Or do you just have to pay attention to which insert is lit when you complete a 3 bank? Does the lock bar button illuminate?

Lock button is lit when you earn them and can use them. Blue = prison, Green = well

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I’ll keep this info on a little piece of paper in my wallet next to my road show items/cities chart, nbafb trivia answers, and my acdc tour/album orders…

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