Victory Pinball

Last night in a tourney we played Gottlieb’s Victory and had an issue come up. For those that don’t know, there is a hurry up feature with 8 different shots and each one builds the base hurry up by 100k up to 800k. The final shot finishes the sequence and then it starts over with each shot at 800k. We played a 4 player game and it turns out that when I completed the sequence it unlocked 800k hurry ups for another player. Is there a way to change this setting?


It looks like this issue came up at Free Play Florida, in the Classic final four, at a minimum. At the beginning of the match, and through all four players first balls, their Checkpoint hurry ups behaved as expected: HU value = 100K x Checkpoint #. Ex: Checkpoint 4 HU = 400K. When you finish the 8th Checkpoint (finish line), you wrap back around to Checkpoint #1 for your HU shots, but all HU values start at 800K for the remainder of your game.

But as soon as one of the players reached the finish line (Checkpoint 8), all the remaining players HU values became 800K , even for Checkpoint #1!! In this case, P1 reached the finish line on ball 2, and then P4 (ball 2) was able to make use of 800K HU value cash-ins to great effect.

After seeing this, I will certainly not be using Victory in multiplayer competition, unless there is a way to rectify this bug (feature?).

P2, ball 1. Game behaving normally:

(P1, ball 2 gets all the way through Finish Line / checkpoint 8)

P3, ball 2. Had a worthless ball 1, and didn’t shoot a single checkpoint yet. His first HU starts at 800K:

P4, ball 2. He never even claimed Checkpoint 1 during ball 1. All his HU values are 800K:
He played the HU sequence very well, cashing them all in at high values, and effective enjoying a 2.8M benefit due to the bug. P4 would have had a 1M gap to close on ball 3 to take 1st instead of the plunge off win. With HU values at 800K, getting that 1M would have been quite likely… but who knows?

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Interesting. We used it at pintastic a few years ago and never encountered this. Players also chose to grind out points on the upper playfield drop targets forever instead of chasing hurry ups which is the intended way to play the game. Stinks because I really enjoy the game. Music is so good.

Bummer. I guess I’ll take this off my gottliebs that can be used for comp list.

That year you had it at the final battle was the hardest part about staying awake!

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For FPF, the upper target bank was not working during the playoffs, nor during much of qualifying, making that option not viable. When it was working, I did see many players opt for it as the safer way to score.

No reason to not use this game in competition. Just treat it as a 1 player game like an old EM. It’s a fun game

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True. Using it as single player is fine from score fairness. But unlike most old EMs you’ll alter your strategy significantly based on prior players’ scores. And Victory presents more scoring strategy options than most old single-player EMs.