Valentine's Day Split Flipper Tournamet in SE PA!

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Some friends and myself have decided to start our own thing that focuses on the Southeastern PA pinball scene.

Some of you probably know us / me in real life, so you know I’m a luddite when it comes to social media, forums, etc. Apologies in advance if any of this is weird.

We’ve called our company RageTiltPinball. We’ve just recently started streaming on Twitch, we have a website where we sell some t shirts ([]) and we’ll have YouTube videos coming soon as well. We’ve already got a booth locked in for the Ohio show and will likely attend more shows throughout the year.

We’re going to be throwing our launch party, as well as a Valentine’s themed Split Flipper Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 17 at the Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA. We invite everybody to grab a partner and join us for the fun. There will be prizes and cash to be won as well as a side tournament (High score, not split flipper)!

The event will be 10 bucks per couple plus admission. If you grab an all-day pass, it will break down to about 40 bucks per couple.

If you are interested, you can check out the details on our Facebook page: []

If you are relatively nearby the Philly area and want to have a tournament, event, whatever streamed from your place, just let me know. We’re still trying to get our feet wet here and we’d love to get more streaming in.

Thanks for looking!


Just realized I can upload images, here’s our poster!

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