Updated Earthshaker custom competition ROM


Haha, well I am always bored waiting for my turn even if something interesting is going on :wink:


The viewers aren’t the ones competing for $$$

No, but the viewers are the ones that could bring the kind of ad revenue that could mean competing for 7 figures instead of 4-5 down the road.


If I may - I did not bring forward the “boring to watch” point or comment. It is adjustments for balancing game scores that intrigues me. As well as bug fixes, inter-player / inter-games shared progress and random stuff. Unfortunet issues for competition play.

I agree to that being able to repeat shots is skillful play.

Also, I am not saying that games absolutely cannot have random elements or “don’t bother” parts of the playfield or “easy” shots that return to the same flipper or shared ball locks (like Taxi). It is all about the balance.

Mark Steinman has previously posted the comment regarding the concern for game times. More than the relative value of “safe shots”.



jesus Greg…


I thought I took away the ten character limit…


I think what you and others are doing is great! The drac, High Speed and taxi tournament roms are perfect for competition now.




Thanks. Appreciated.


I’m mostly interested in HOW this is accomplished. I’ve always wanted to dabble with this. Whether I’d be able to produce anything useful or set fire to my machine is another topic. :slightly_smiling:





They can now


The Earthshaker ROM mod has been back on the workbench.

See top post, please.


Hey there, I just picked up an Earthshaker but I don’t have any of the tools to burn my own ROMs. Is anyone able to burn this new tourney software onto a rom and ship? I’d gladly pay for shipping, chip cost, etc etc. Thank you!


Hobbyroms.com will do it.


let me check if I have 2 spare 32Kb roms for it…


i had some, patched the ROM and burnt them, PM me for your details and I ll send them out


I have a question about obtaining the new competition ROM. I downloaded the patch for U26 and U27, but I’m not sure which ROM from IPDB that I’m supposed to apply these to. I don’t have the pin yet, as I will be picking it up next week. Wanted to get a head start on ordering new roms (from hobbyroms.com or elsewhere), but I’m assuming I need to send them the rom files that are already patched, right? Any help is greatly appreciated… and donations will be made appropriately as needed.


The rule is, that ROM mods are based on the lastest official US domestic released ROM. However, there are exceptions. For TOM latest released require a new security chip, for some odd reason, so that one is out. Unless that gets hacked too. For Taxi, the second to latest, the Marilyn one, needs to be done as well. For TAF, the one with the highest rev number is an internal prototype.

All files for the patching process are documented by SHA-1 checksums. SHA-1 is an established standard. I recommend the free tool HxD for calculating this and monitoring that files are ok.

The binaries for the X-delta 3 patching tool is unfortunetly a little hard to find on their website. But here they are…

Suggestions for an alternative are welcome.