Upcoming pinball event and tourney streams


I just wanted to make a thread for anyone to promote any upcoming pinball streams. The idea was to promote mostly tourney streams but anything goes. I am always running into tourneys I didn’t know were being streamed at the very end. Or missing them altogether. I’ve always wanted a consolidated spot to find upcoming tourney and special event streams.

I’ll kick it off…

This Saturday 12-16-17 SD Pinball is having their GOTG launch party. 3pm PST

Also this Saturday in Cincinnati Arcade Legacy is streaming their GOTG launch party which starts at 2pm EST. https://www.twitch.tv/arcadelegacy

Yes there will be two GOTG launch parties being streamed at the same time on twitch.




Tomorrow (12/29) 8PM EST

Not sure if it’s a timed match play with finals. Or 4 strikes. Had some issues last time with low (15-16fps) framerates on the PF cam. Hopefully we get that figured out this time around.



JAN 12th - 14th.

Friday and Saturday evening: Qualifying
SUNDAY: Classics, Women’s and Modern finals!





Live all day with Critical Fit - The Biggest Flippin’ Loser!


Going live with Dialed In at 8 Eastern (less than 30 mins from now): http://www.twitch.tv/buffalopinball


Tomorrow (4-13-18) I will he helping to stream a 32 player 3 strikes tourney at Arcade Legacy: Bar Edition.

This is part of the Pinball Wizard 2018 Championship


Stream will be here and should start around 8pm EST

We should have two games on cam. Probably bm66 and ? (maybe SW, wish it was Iron Maiden)