Unofficial Pinball World Championships!!!

Hey guys, I’m ready to announce a hobby project I’ve been working on… The Unofficial Pinball World Championships!!!

The Unofficial Pinball World Championships (UPWC) is a completely unserious, unimportant, and uninteresting pinball championship series. The title is transferred from player to player as they compete in IFPA tournaments, similar to Boxing and Wrestling championships.

You can see the current UPWC Champion and view the past results and whatnot at I’ll also invite you to like the official UPWC page on facebook to receive updates on title matches and current champions.

Looking forward to your feedback! If you’d like to contribute art, code, or have ideas for the UPWC, please let me know.



Phil is the man and this looks to be a very fun idea.

Phil - As much as I love getting credit for my multiple UPWC titles . . . the first one I got was based on winning Pinburgh 2000’s “B division”.

Would love to see the butterfly effect that causes going forward from that point in time!

Of course Koi also competed in B division, which I guess is how this got pulled. So in reality the champ after Koi really should have been Sanjay Shah based on this result:

Whatever you do, don’t retroactively change anything. From personal experience people seem to really HATE that :wink:

From the FAQ:

I found an error in the results.
Bury the information deep within your psyche and never speak of word of it. News of this error could literally crush the pinball community on a level not seen since John Popadiuk and Skit-B Pinball.

So, we should probably all collectively ignore your “facts”. :wink:

The beauty of the upwc is that even b division finals can become even less important!

The UPWC treats events at the same tournament as separate tournaments. I may change this in the future…

And yes, the butterfly effect is real! When I was doing the original analysis, Small code tweaks would totally alter the course of UPWC history. He only thing that remains constant is Keith Elwin being number one…

*facts subject to change