Two Issues with my WoZ

I’m having an intermittent issue with my WoZ. For some reason it randomly fires the next players ball. There is no rhyme or reason to when it does it. It might happen once every 15 - 20 games.

It also did something else really weird the other night. During TNPLH, the drop target was hit and didn’t reset for some reason. The ball was shot up past the drop and into the VUK. The game stopped TNPLH and went back to normal play. I know it’s supposed to immediately reset the drop, but is that normal behavior if the machine senses the ball in the VUK during TNPLH?

randomly firing the ball only during player 2?

The other issue sounds like a bug.

I’m thinking you are correct. I don’t remember it happening during player 1, but I can’t say for sure.

I was having random plunging happening on my machine, and it’s almost certainly a switch adjustment somewhere. In my case, I believe it was in TNPLH pops.

Go into switch test mode and bang around in different places on the playfield with your hand to see if you can inadvertently trip a switch somewhere else.

If certain switches trigger, the game thinks there is also a ball in play, so there shouldn’t be one sitting in the shooter lane.