Twitch vs YouTube Live for streaming?


My initial comment: the replays of Twitch (on a computer at least) include the saved chat from viewers. But I don’t see the same feature available on the recent YouTube replay of LAX finals rounds.

Video quality difference?

What else?

Youtube has a RTMP functionality that Twitch doesn’t. I’ve never seen it in action but, you can upload 6 different rtmp streams and users can choose which stream they tune into. So 6 different playfield cams to select from? I dunno if it would be relevant to pinball but, I could see someone using it creatively maybe.

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That would be a godsend. I hate missing out on the other group’s quarterfinals action

So viewers could select which game they wanted to follow!?!? That would be fantastic.

that would take some serious gear though, right? you’d need to be capturing 6 different things simultaneously and not using a switch?

When I use RTMP I am normally sending a low, medium. and high rez. That works well. Sending out 6 high rez feeds could be tough. Now this isn’t scientific but I am pretty sure you can use a high encode rate on YouTube so better quality. But that said MOST people are going to top out at 5mb anyway

Yea you would need some good upload bw for sure. Google fiber!!! Where u at?!?!


not realistic with normal gears… 6 different PF cameras capture card without even thinking of speed nd computing power required?

I had issues with the sound - had to crank it all the way up. Using Chrome with Windows 8.1. I prefer youtube anyway, though, just because playback will automatically be on youtube, and no need to wait.

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I might be going a touch off-topic here, but I wonder how reasonable a compromise it might be to move initial encoding over to the “camera”. A RaspberryPi 3 w/ camera module (IMX219) capable of 720p60 ends up costing under $70, and provides hardware accelerated h264. This would allow all the HDMI cabling, switching, and capture gear to be replaced with a cheap ethernet switch, You then use RTSP from the camera nodes back to your broadcasting station. (I assume Xsplit can take an RTSP input, I know OBS can).

Now the broadcasting station just has to decode a couple h264 streams, and encode a single stream.

The biggest downside I can come up with is the optics situation on the camera (that sensor is pretty slick), but that might be fixed with a different sensor board and/or lensing.

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So we can get some B stream commentary as well?

Also, I wonder if people can provide remote commentary without awkward amounts of lag. I would totally phone in some volunteer work for PAPA on a B stream if that’s possible.

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Saw someone complaining about this in the chat but it was absolutely no issue on my end. Had sound at totally normal levels the whole time.

I think all of this would require a separate stream to do it right. Plus I’m not sure they will have all the B games wired up. THAT SAID. I would be down to help (cameras, stream gear, sanity) if someone wanted to join in with me and form…THE B TEAM!!! We would be the Ocho of pinball. I see it playing out like this (of course I’ll be Pepper Brooks)

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To bring this back on topic. I am going to do some tests but again, I feel like YouTube has better image quality options. While twitch has a better UI, chat, chat replay, more established viewership, easier to find game specific videos (so you can tell people to just look under Pinball and you’ll find something good-ish).

All in all while I am really obsessed with getting good quality the interface that Twitch has keeps me there. BUT I also record a separate local feed at a really high rate to upload to YT


It would be so sweet if the PAPA circuit had a budget of >$500 million and we could have Pinball RedZone going for every finals group of any pinball tournament being played around the world.


I’d buy cable if ESPN covered Pinball

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