Twitch vs Youtube for pinball streaming?

I’ve been primarily using twitch to stream. I kept adjusting Xsplit and my cam settings to try to improve the image in less than perfect lighting conditions, but was only having so so results. On a lark I tried using YouTube live stream service and pretty much all my issues went away.

Twitch seems to be the defacto standard for pinball streaming and I’m not really anxious to go against the flow, but its hard to ignore the quality difference I’ve been getting. Am i missing something? Does anyone know of some fatal flaw that i haven’t discovered.

Twitch is pretty much a de facto standard, but only because they’ve been there longer. I’ve had good results with streaming on YouTube.

I have heard that YouTube has a longer lag time between live and broadcast, which can make it more difficult to respond to a live chat room, but I don’t know how true that is.

Interesting, I might have to give it a try. I have had good results so far with Twitch but I am willing to try whatever.

I need to grill you on streaming stuff chuck. We need to start getting the sanctum set up to stream everything we do every week. We have everything from the fastest network possible thanks to the hackers downstairs to the gaming PC and the big screen tv. Just need some cams and direction on how to set it up.

I’d be glad to help Jim. its actually pretty easy to do but there are some pitfalls you want to avoid. the biggest question is how you want to connect things to the Sanctum PC. the options are multiple super long usb cables, one long usb cable with a powered hub, or an Ethernet cable with a Ethernet/usb powered hub (this is what Austin is doing).
my setup consists of 4 usb webcams (three logitech c920 and a cheapo webcam for the DMD), a Blue Snowball Mic ($45), two 2 port usb cables from mono price (about $25). also you’ll need some kind of Stand to mount the cams too. I used PVC pipe and hang them above the machines. From what i can tell most people use mic stands.
you’ll also need software- I’m using Xsplit broadcaster and very pleased - you can use the free version but i’d recommend upgrading to the basic paid version. (about $5 a month). the software will integrate with twitch or youtube easily. next time you’re passing through town let me know and you can stop over to check out my setup.