Twitch Streaming Crash Course

I know there are a few threads discussing builds and setups, but I’m in a little bit of a time crunch on this one and hoping someone can help me. I currently run a setup with my laptop, 3 Logitech 920s and OBS at leagues every week. It’s a local feed only, meaning that I just connect the HDMI output from my laptop to their AV distribution system and they can put me on a few of the TVs.

I’d like to attempt streaming this weekend at the 24h Delaware tournament and have a few questions. I got my wires crossed with the organizer and I’d like to see if I can figure it out in the next few hours.

  1. If my current setup can handling a local HDMI output, can I assume that it can handle streaming (I would doubt it…)? I’d probably only be using 2 cameras instead of the usual 3, but wasn’t sure how much transcoding happens on the fly when streaming.

  2. Is there a way to test streaming without actually making the feed viewable? Meaning can I connect to Twitch and try it out to see how it behaves?

  3. Can you stream for as long as you want, or is there some type of “are you there” every once in awhile? For example, if I wanted to just turn this thing on and let it go for 24h, is that possible?

  4. Can you embed Matchplay into OBS? Meaning could I have 2 cameras and then the matchplay standings on the screen?

And most importantly,

  1. Would anyone even watch a 24h stream with no commentary? :grinning:

I’m currently home sick so lets see if I can help!

If your cameras aren’t freezing up, you’re in good shape. I think now its just a matter of whether you internet connection can handle the data you put out.

Yes. If you’d like to test your settings and connection to the twitch servers for your stream, but don’t want to go live in order to do it, just add this directly after your stream key in OBS (or other similar programs):


You can now press “start stream” and you will send data to the twitch servers without actually going live.

Use to view your data and test your bitrate settings.

I don’t know the answer, but I would highly recommend that you try and limit your stream to things that are interesting though.

Yes. matchplay has a broadcast view which makes it easy to select which game is running. The link to the broadcast view is on the main splash page for an event on the organizer side.

In OBS, use the browser source feature and enter in the address to the broadcast view page. Then right click “Interact” to open up a screen where you can control it.

Very few people would watch that.


I don’t know if twitch cares. Your computer will likely degrade over the course of 24 hour stream. It may not matter if you don’t have commentary, but the big thing I notice is that audio / video sync seems to get worse over a long stream. Maybe it is the 60 vs 59.94.

If you were only using the fullscreen preview from OBS without streaming/recording, then you weren’t doing any video encoding. When you actually stream to Twitch, your PC will be doing the video encoding, so there will be a lot of additional CPU usage. Give the bandwidth test a shot to see if your laptop can handle it. :slight_smile:


Anyone know how to zoom out or scroll down in the browser? I can’t seem to get the standings to show on the screen?

This is what I’m getting:

Thanks for everyone’s help so far. There are other people here streaming so I’m just running it locally through the TV.

I don’t know why it’s sideways. Must be an upload from my phone thing.

If the source set the window dimension to be larger. It defaults to something small like 800x600

That worked however there doesn’t seem to be a way to run live standings in the browser window. It looks like it just shows the game assignments and a manual refresh window.

Is there any way to do it so it displays and Auto-refreshes every so often?

For just the standings, put the standings in a chrome window and install a browswer plug in that auto-refreshes. then use “window capture” in OBS and select the chrome window as the source.

Also, when resizing the window in OBS, you can can Shift+Click to resize it down to just what you want to show on the screen. Then regular click and expand to make it the size you want.

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Awesome. Thanks. I’ll mess around with that in between rounds. They run a tight ship down here so there is very little downtime.

Getting there…I think. I’ll have this figured out by the end of the tournament. I’m getting a black screen?

This happens when OBS doesn’t get along with the hardware acceleration in Chrome on your PC. First, make sure your OBS and Chrome are up to date. If that doesn’t help, easiest solution is to use a different browser, or you can disable hardware acceleration in Chrome by going to settings, type “hardware acceleration” in the search, and disabling it. (You probably want to turn it back on after streaming.)

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It will continue streaming for as long as you want.

It streamed continuously for over 30hrs while I broke the GWR

That did it. Thanks for your help. I got it working shortly after your post and I think it was a big hit. There were a pile of couches in that room that got used more and more as the night went on. It was a good distraction for people to watch the live feed from Wonka and being able to see the standings at the same time was a big bonus.

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