Twitch recently adding frequent mid-stream ads?

Has anyone else noticed that Twitch stream archives are now adding mid-stream ads? I can understand doing this, but one I watched yesterday seemed to be putting in ads roughly every ten minutes. Same experience for others when watching archives?

And does the frequency of having to watch an ad get reduced if you’ve subscribed to that channel?

I’m just sad that having amazon prime doesn’t get you ad free twitch anymore. Maybe that has something to do with it? If you get a specific membership to twitch all ads go away?

Me, too. I’m willing to support the Twitch channels that I enjoy with either subscriptions or advertising $ that they get a small fraction of. I’ve just noticed the ads seems to have increased recently.
And I would rather provide subscription $ that would allow me to not have to watch ads so frequently.

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Just found this. If you do turbo it appears all ads go away.

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Twitch just changed their policy so Affiliates and up get a cut of the ad revenue. Could have something to do with it.

Turbo is one way. There’s also an option that Affiliate+ have to allow subscribers to view ad-free:

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I just wish the volume of the ads were the same as the stream. I often times have archives of tournaments running on another PC when I work from home. Was listening in to the EPC event and nearly peed myself when a game commercial came on as it piped in loud enough that the house down the street probably heard it. I know I’m getting old but sheeeeshhh.

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Likely the stream is too quiet. Most streams (and podcasts for that matter) are too quiet.

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Thanks for a look behind the curtains, Karl.
Do you also have control of the frequency of Ads if you (the streamer) choose to not select Ad-Free viewing?

I think that’s reserved for partners, or for when streaming. I see an option but it is greyed out. There is also a button now to manually run an ad break.

I haven’t looked at my channel in awhile so the settings may have changed, but I was able to control frequency and length of ads during a stream as a partner.