Twitch/livestream setups.

Reminder that my current setup has all USB cameras and I plan to umbilical to the PC or mount a laptop to the rig. So while a 4 port encoding card sounds like what I would do in the future I don’t believe it would help me any now. I’m pretty sure even the 3050 is way overpowered and it’s mostly CPU. I think these days a new toaster with a thunderbolt port could probably do the trick… (but again, I’m looking for some min specs).

Man, I haven’t ever bought a mobo with only 2 RAM slots, but yes, this one only has 2…

Ah ok I didn’t know that in that case the PC you have picked out is probably fine - just check it has more than one USB bus for the cameras.

How did you check that? I cannot see any details on the mobo and all it says is how many usb ports and types on the front and back…

Email them and ask - only way.

This is on the description of that PC. With that variety of ports, I can’t imagine them being on the same bus but probably good to check.

Thanks everyone for the help. Yeah, I figured the same and asked the question and the answer was lacking any real information…
I ended up buying this, but I will hand it over to the ex that needed a new mid tier gaming puter (mostly just for WoW…). I found a laptop that seems to be better for about the same price that I ended getting for myself:
Either way there’s a decent return policy so hopefully I’ll get to test this out soon!

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so it should arrive by Friday - I plan to do my usual clock sync test (looping the same video through all ports and looking for issues) but if there are any other tests you want me to do let me know,

Amazon has a great deal on the Razer Kiyo Pro for $60 for those looking for something better than a c920 for a similar price. Heck I’d even say it’s better than a Brio too. It can send H264 across the usb too to save on some bandwidth.

Thanks @neilmcrae You mean this one, right?

Edit: If you wouldn’t mind, do at least one color test. Split the PF camera with one feed into the ACASIS and one into the Magewell without any filters etc.

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Will do. I usually use a picture of a clock with seconds it and loop it thru each port and you can usually pick up any problematic lag.

Will be delivered on Tuesday I expect to get smacked for import fees also!

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No import fees!

Arrived today!

So I got it working on an old MacBook Pro intel - it’s a game changer for sure assuming it’s ok with a more modern Mac/PC. Because it runs a kernel module you need to turn ultra secure mode off then you need to approve the kernel module loading and then it approving the use and connection of it.

I tested quickly with 2 1080p sources then also plugged in stern lvds which it also works with. I was going to record it but that Mac had no hardware encoding and the lag on the recording was nuts.

Will try on Apple silicon tonight and also hopefully PC - you have to email for the PC drivers for some reason!

So I made it work on my M1 MacBook Pro! Wow! Mac is back for streaming in my view! The hardware encoding on apple silicon is just outstanding.
So I quickly intercepted my wireless rig with some cables and also used the LVDS port with the convertor - this has a VESA resolution rather than an HDMi one OBS picks it up as 720p which is smaller than the output from the pinball machine but if you change it to 1080p in settings you get the whole screen.

So I screwed up and forgot to set the output to 4K and change the canvas but will do that this week so the video recording is 720p.

So this was a bozo test but I’m convinced this is a good solution I’ll do more of an harder test over the weekend (I’m considering taking it to pinball republic this weekend as we have some big tournaments going on). I’m waiting for the windows drivers still but my CPU on Mac was no more than 10%!