Twitch/livestream setups.


Anyone at Pinburgh get a close look at the setup PAPA was running? It seemed they were using one rig and moving game to game. Did they have a wireless setup?


They had two playfield cameras on independent rigs, an operated player cam and an operated score cam. All that seemed to be broadcasting wirelessly to the production booth, judging from the error messages that came up once in a while saying “5590 mhz” or something like that. Pretty sure the playfield rigs were the same equipment they used on the reveal stream.

I think once the Livestream started they only used one rig for the rest of the night, but earlier they had been showing two playfields on the projectors, side by side, without commentary.


Thanks. Interested to hear their wireless solution if anyone knows it. Maybe the wireless hdmi receivers Karl has mentioned in this thread before?


I assume the wireless transmitters were $$$ since they were rented. They had 4 of them. I also talked to someone who said they plan to buy the transmitters and start loaning (renting?) the whole system to other groups for tourneys. Wish I knew who I was talking to.


Yes, I think the same thing.

Maybe something from this page, or similar.


One thing I thought was interesting about the setup was that the framerate on the projectors and TVs at the stage was definitely not 60FPS, while the online stream was.


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


it was an interesting idea though there definitely was a few time when the coverage was lost during the game. Especially during WIPT finals game 2 when player 4 last ball just came back to pass another player and sealed Nicole victory but the spectator could not see the score.
Not sure if it was the battery dying without enough notice or plain signal loss but hopefully they can learn from their first weekend log broadcast :slight_smile:


VMix broadcasting software.
Teradek wireless transmitters. (About 2k per camera)
I have the budget Wireless HDMI monoprice kit, works great if you aren’t going crazy long distance, and they need to be very high up and in line-of-sight or each-other or the signal gets chopped.


Thanks Jack. For your wireless HDMI, would you think that 50ft max would be okay?


Have a look. They aren’t perfect, but they also aren’t 2k. :smiley:
They say 30 meters.


Cool. Looks like these are the ones Karl has used too. Thanks again and also for the tip about line of site and keeping them high up.


Velcro them to some tall light/mic stands to get them way up!


FYI, I’ve got 3 sets of these and can only get 2 to work concurrently. The manual claims up to 16 transmitters can be used concurrently, along with 10 receivers. I just grabbed another device by IOGear to test out to hopefully get a 3rd wireless camera setup working.

The other nice bit is the monoprice devices are powered via USB and as such, can be run off of power banks. I’ve used 20,000mah batteries to power one transmitter plus a Sony cx405 for an entire tournament. Makes for a fully portable, wireless rig.


I think Mike told me they were using all SDI on the wireless end (well I hope so with those Panasonic cameras!). One thing thats superb about vmix is sound mixing. I’m going to experiment with it.


I’ve also used the Monoprice wireless HDMI transmitters with success, although they can be a little finicky to get connected!

I’m keeping a close eye on all the NDI stuff that’s popped up over the past few years. It allows low latency HD video transmission over LAN. Many video game streamers use it on their dual-PC setups to send video between two PCs. In particular, I’m eyeing the Connect Spark which supposedly allows HDMI->NDI transmission over WiFi for “only” $500 a camera… I’m hoping if this tech picks up in the near future, affordable cameras might pop up with NDI support built-in. Anyone have any experience with this?



Can you send usb webcams wirelessly?


Wait… people stream pinball?


Anyone using a 4k camera yet? I just took the plunge on a big 4k tv and I feel like the first order of business is getting 4k pinball on it.


I have the Logitech brio, but my computer gets pissed if I do 1080p 60 FPS or higher.

Not sure if OBS or xsplit offer 4K output either.