Twitch/livestream setups.

Here is what the rig looks like with a game under it.


Thanks for doing the comparison. I was getting frustrated with built in logitech mics. Good to know there’s a better solution.

Gov pointed me in the direction of this thread from Pinside. :smile:

@Ucheatdrjones - I have a streaming channel I started a little over a month ago. The link is:

For my hardware, I am on the lower end of things and just barely get by doing what I do, haha. Like many I use a c920 for the main playfield, then I was using a c615 for the DMD (switched over to a different cam last week but don’t remember the make/model, it was a donation). I use the built-in low-res webcam for the player view, but now that I’ve got a new cam for the DMD, I may try to mount the old c615 high up to do that. For audio for both the game and commentary, I use a cheap Logitech H390 headset (about $40). It’s not great but it gets the job done. My laptop itself is the weakest link, being a cheap HP rig I picked up from Wal-Mart recently for about $400. It has a modern Pentium CPU and came with 4GB RAM (I upgraded it to 8GB last weekend, which helped). The laptop is reliable and it gets the job done, but I am unable to max out the resolutions on either of the cams, unless I want to sacrifice the smooth framerate.

@DEADFLIP - You mention the lighting could be better in your room, but from watching your stream for the past few months, I think it looks pretty great. The game playfields are nice and clear, and the framerate is silky smooth. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Ya my biggest gripe with the webcam setup is the reduced framerate at lower light settings. What gives me the best look visually gives me the lowest frame rates.

FYI, it is possible to stream with only a 2mbs upload and over wifi :slight_smile: :smile:

Have been streaming all week and have had good success. 1300kbps rate, which gives decent results.

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Is there anything else you can use to mount the Logitech cams? I don’t have the time, patience, or materials to build a rig like that.


A lighting rig from a music store should work fine and what a lot of people use. I only used the materials I did because I had them on hand.

I’d like to essentially copy what was done for the IFPA National Championship with at least 4, but eventually 12 cameras. Can anyone provide the details for the cameras, stands, mics, software, etc that was used for that stream? This will be for the late April PAPA event in Oklahoma City.


Paging @kdeangelo, the man behind the curtain of IEPinball.


I’ll try to get my list up soon… It’s a ton of equipment

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Due to “time is running out”, I’ve ordered a few Logitech C920 web cameras to get me started configuring. I need software that will combine video from two ore more cameras into one video feed (eg, playfield and DMD). Any recommendations? Also, how does one “send” the video to Twitch or YouTube live?

Sorry for the delay, so much to get done around here. Here’s the general setup for my camera rigs:

Monoprice Lighting Stand - The benefit to using these is they’re cheap and can hold two overhead cameras PLUS any number of side/player/dmd cameras with additional mounts

Chauvet Light Duty Adjustable O-Clamp CLP-10 - Clamps to mount onto the lighting stands.

Mini Ball Head Camera Mount - I’d been buying these when they were $8 each, now $17 each. Would probably look for a cheaper alternative but these have been great and hold nicely.

Aluminum Bar - Any home improvement store, cut to 3’ lengths. Drill one end to receive O-Clamp, the other end to receive the camera mount, then bend the O-Clamp end 90 degrees.

Panasonic HC-V250 Camcorder - Best/cheapest camcorder I’ve found that performs well in low-light situations. Can be found around $200 on sale. Might need to look for the successor V270 as this may be discontinued at this point.

GOBS OF HDMI CABLE - I like Twisted Veins cables for 50’ runs and Monoprice cables for anything under 15’. Also need Mini-HDMI->HDMI cables for each camcorder, or Micro-HDMI->HDMI for any GoPro cameras, and a HDMI coupler for each of those.

Monoprice HDMI Switchers - I’ve found this 8x1 HDMI switch to be the most reliable. Multiples are needed based on how complex your setup is.

Computer Stuff…

AverMedia Game Broadcaster HD - I have 3 of these in my computer used for streaming. The thought is one for playfield cameras, one for DMD/Score cameras, and one for player/side cameras.

Webcams - I’ve gotten away with using a Panasonic C270 for the commentator camera, would like something better though like the C920. Ideally if I get DMD cameras the commentator camera will be used much less.

Blue Yeti Microphone - Great mic that picks up EVERYTHING (may or may not be a good thing [i.e. Tim rants]). Simpler than setting up a full blown audio mixer by far.

Software - XSplit - I’ve found this to be the most flexible package for my needs. There is a subscription required for features needed in all but the simplest broadcasts.

Telestrator - This is nothing more than adding a Whiteboard source inside of XSplit and using a touchscreen monitor. You can do this with the mouse too but it’s sooooooo much nicer having a touchscreen for it.

The Computer - I’m running an Intel Core i7 4770k processor with 16gb ram, Windows 7 64-bit, 120gb SSD for the OS with a 1tb drive to store recordings on. With the built-in i7-4770k graphics, setting XSplit to 1080p with all three capture cards active and all accessories pegged the CPU at 75-80% usage which presented some choppiness in the video. I’ve since added a dedicated graphics card but haven’t had a chance to test 1080p broadcast/capture. All previous broadcasts have been recorded locally and broadcast at 720p without issue.

Network - Broadcasts have been run off of a Verizon LTE JetPack using a bitrate of 2100kbps for 720p. Bandwidth used for the Vegas broadcasts topped 50gb!

Edit: Added Telestrator info…


@kdeangelo - THANK YOU for posting - that list is a big help!

I really like Xsplit as well. Very easy to use and performs well if you have the horsepower. I tried streaming from my Mac using camtwist and all of that stuff that Dead Flip uses and while it appears to be a powerful program with lots of customizability, it is very cumbersome to get setup.

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Hey all, just thought I’d share a link to our Twitch channel:

We do a live stream on a different game each week on Thursday nights at 8 Eastern. The format is that we invite a guest to battle the Bro Crew, where the guest starts vs. the lowest IFPA ranked member and works their way up to the ladder, Mortal Kombat-style, to the highest. We interview the guest, do a tutorial on the game and then the battle commences!

Tonight we’re playing No Fear (play better!).

If you miss our broadcasts they’re archived on our YouTube channel at

Awesome to see so much streaming going on! Keep it up everyone!


Thanks for this comprehensive list! Very helpful.

Are you able to rotate the video source (top down camera) in xpslit? Or are you doing that with some other software?

I’m having a similar computer setup, but I have 3x AverMedia LiveGamer HD.

For software I’m using vMix which is very good but a bit expensive.

What kind of touch screen are you using for the Telestrator feature?

Rotation is done within XSplit, and the touch screen is a Dell P2314T

Thanks guys for the posts. I got my setup up and running now.

And with the guidance of @kdeangelo, we too have 3 live streams running:

Audio wasn’t workable with the built-in mics - way too much noise, so had to mute them.

Just saw that the HC-V250 Karl recommended above is on closeout for $169 shipped at BHphotovideo—in case anyone was looking for one.

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