TWD Prison Magnet SDTM: how to adjust?

TWD pin we use at a league location (on latest code) Prison magnet ALWAYS throws the ball SDTM following the Clear the Prison Yard magnet grab/hold. It does this regardless of whether you interrupt the magnet hold period and DMD animation with button presses or if you let the sequence/animation play out. Other TWD’s I’ve played typically will pulse the magnet with flipper button press and send the ball in a random direction instead of consistently SDTM.

I haven’t found an adjustment in software settings to modify this magnet’s behavior (other than Disabling the magnet).

Has anyone else had this issue? And if so, what was the solution?
Thanks in advance.


Never hurts to try a Factory Reset (different from a Factory Install).

Worst case, have the op lean the game one or two tenths of a degree in whatever direction the ball should be goings. Tip of left flipper? The feed from the pops on my AC/DC was awesome at my house, then started going SDTM on location. Had to lean it slightly. Two or three tenths of a degree aren’t noticeable to the player.

If the op doesn’t have a digital level, show him how to get one on his cell phone, then make sure it’s level first.

You have video of this? I have 2 TWDs and both throw the ball around wildly.

There’s one by me on location that either shoots it to da middle or to da left flipper every time

I’ll post some Sunday night after league. I don’t think I’ll have the chance to make it to the location prior to then.

Good thought. But the speed at which the magnet slams it down your throat would negate any minor lean.
This isn’t the issue of the magnet letting the ball go, and gravity doing the rest – it’s a consistent magnet “throw” SDTM.

The strategy we were starting to use was to make sure to start your Clear the Prison Yard before you took any dangers, so you had 1-2 to use on saving yourself from guaranteed drain from the magnet throw. ha.

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Start Blood Bath first. Problem solved!


Pull the fuse that drives the magnet :slight_smile:


Gotcha. I wonder if rotating the magnet coil 90 degrees might change the throw? Or maybe flipping it over? Both should be pretty easy to try.


May sound crazy but I loosened the large nut that holds the magnet in place on the underside of the game. It started throwing the ball around, but then the magnet was at risk of moving, so I eventually tightened it again, but the game seems to throw the ball around more now than before. No idea where I got the idea, someone had told me to try that. Maybe without that large nut underneath it altered the magnet’s affect on the ball. Or it was just a coincidence that it changed the way the game played. Before that I just disabled the magnet, problem totally fixed that way.