TWD. Closing the prison door.

I was playing TWD tonight and the head was not registering much. I had my multiball ready, but 5 shots failed to register. I slap saved a ball straight up the crossbow. I don’t remember if I hit a crossbow or not, but the prison doors had closed. I hit the door and multiball started.

I am not sure if I stumbled onto a trick to close the door and get the shot to register. Or maybe the switch vibrated and registered at I was wrong about what happened. I am sure if there is some crossbow trick others have seen it.

Did the prison doors stay closed the rest of the game?

There is a switch in the zombie head behind the door. There is an opto switch that registers hits to the door.

Possible the optos kept being triggered and since the zombie head never registered possible game saw it as a switch error. Go into game menu and look under alerts and see if there is a switch error for the zombie head.

Just a thought of a possibility.

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I really wish the head didn’t have a switch and the optos tracked everything. Notches in the bottom of the doors would have let that happen.

Doing it with the doors disabled so the optos do control everything and never letting you bash the face is a little uninspiring. I appreciate that the setting is there since the face switch can get out of whack.

Yeah I just wish people adjusted the head switch instead of closing the doors. I like to bash the head too. It’s not the easiest adjustment in the world but once you get it, it’s way better.

I helped someone adjust the head switch once. The problem is when the playfield is up gravity pulls the head back and the switch gap appears small. Once you lower the playfield the head tilts forward and the switch gap is a lot bigger. I remember us having to bend the lever that was holding the head to get it to register consistently. You don’t want it to give switch hits with small nudges either.

Once you have the switch at a good close gap, add some Velcro (the soft side) to the arm that is attached to the bottom of the head. It effectively reduces the distance that arm has to travel to contact the target, thus registering it every time. Works like a charm.


I realize this can be disabled, or fixed, but that doesn’t stop the fact that often I encounter games on location or otherwise not working well.

I thought I had found an in game workaround the player can trigger. But I am not sure, maybe it was a ballsearch and the timing was weird.

@metallik do the prison doors close during crossbow mode? Can you start prison via a crossbow shot to the prison doors if one shot away from the crossbow?



I’ll check next time I’m at the machine. I’m usually so wrapped up lining up the shot (and dealing with a possible miss) that I’ve never watched the prison doors.

Same. And I don’t have Brady’s at my house anymore to check. Thanks brotha.

Tested - doors stay open during a crossbow shot. Cleared weapons three times and always open each shot. Guessing OP’ shots finally triggered compensation just before loading the crossbow.

Fun fact: the head does NOT disqualify the crossbow if you nail it to start multiball; the crossbow shots stay lit… at least til the first autolaunch hits the pops. I couldn’t corral the magnet throw fast enough to make one.

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Thanks for testing. Oh well, so much for my cool trick.